Thursday, October 31, 2013

   Its been a long time ago since I had an " instadiary" online, but here it is again! I figured I wanted to show you in on my busy life since I have not posted anything for a very long time. To be honest, I think I have been more busy in my head than I actually was... but truly the past 4 weeks have been crazy and hectic! I started doing research at the hospital which I absolutely love.. AND besides that I have a new job!!! Since about....1 month I have been working at a retail shop at the World Fashion Centre. These two new things did not leave much time left for blogging. But now that I feel I have my head around things, I can start again. Besides that, I NEEED to start again because despite my bussy-ness I did so much (online) shopping and I can-not-wait to show you guys!

1.True or not? // 2. With my cousin at the WFC Sale days! // 3.This is what doing research looks like...
4.My face on the welovecharmm site, haha! // 5. New in, lookalike rolex // 6. "baby" sitting my "little" cousin!
7. Organised and ready to start this new era of my life hehe // 8. Paint fight with the BF // 9. SELFIEEEE
10. New bedroom // 11. CRAZY shirts for crazy people. // 12. my princess cake.


  1. Heel leuk je Diary en wat een grappige enthousiaste foto van jou en Sabrina onderin haha!

    liefs Mireille

  2. Leuke foto's! Alleen de tekst kan ik niet zo goed lezen het is erg klein :(.
    De cake ziet er echt lekker uit!

    Ik heb een leuke giveaway met de webshop SIBIN. Zou leuk zijn als je meedoet :)


  3. Ziet er leuk uit! En die taart.. yum!

  4. Wow you look so great!!!

  5. Wat een leuke post! en oelala, die taart!

  6. Leuke diary, die taart ziet er zooo lekker uit!

  7. Leuke foto's! &Wat heb je een leuke blog, ik volg je vanaf nu via bloglovin!