Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Brace. Yourselves. For. A. Photo-overload. Today Helena and I went to the Oona PR day. As you might have noticed, Oona is definitely one of my favorite PR-agencies. The staff is always supah kind, and one of the staff-members is fellow blogger Nina from Fashion Insanity

A huge thank you to the Oona-crew for inviting me!

Ph. by me

1. Hairy! WOLF. by Sofie Claes
2. Colorful, I got an instant summervibe. Part of the Essentiel summer collection
3. River Island scarf 
4. Mellow Yellow. Neon heels by River Island
5. Yes, there was food
6. Spikes, spikes everywhere, part of the RI collection
7. I honestly have a huge crush on these The North Face sneakers, and I'm not even a sneaker type 'o gal
8. The view from the Oona HQ
9. And more spikes, got to love them
10. More hair! Haha, look at the braided details. Insane!
11. White sequin top, from Essentiel
12. Hidden wedge sneakers, with incredible materials on top of the heel. Helena and I decided to name it 'Chameleon' 
13. Fun fabric party is going on at Essentiel 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

instadiary 092012

We decided to go along with the "instadiary trend" in order to share our day to day life with you, lovelies. Here is our first edition. We put some pictures together which we took with our mobile devices in the course of September and this month. Hope you dearies like it, let us know what you think. Now I've got get back in the books; final exam is coming up this friday. Aghhr!
Fusilli at Vapiano ♥ // Nish & her bf // A random building sign in Amsterdam

After 4 long days, Nish's DIY bracelet was finally finished! Whoehoe // Acting like a duckfaced moron with my loves Gul (who's probably going to crack my skull for this one)  & Nish //At Unseen, Gallery Boetzelaer|Nispen

At the Josh V. event with Nish, Withney and Delisa //Romantic dinner with Nish and her hubby at the RedSun// And of course there was sushi

At the Specsavers event w/ Cylia // I love this scarf which I bought in India // Awesome photograph: the punk and the monk (source: 9GAG)

This is what we do at uni. With two besties! // Ready for a night out :D // And more sushi at Redsun

Find us on Instagram // Sabrina: @Sabri3na // Nishita: @Nishita2

Friday, October 19, 2012

 Just one more week till our final orthopedics exam. Man, I do not like this subject. I started studying already on Monday so I hope I will pass this exam. Fingers  crossed AGAIN! As if studying for my exam is not dreadful enough, it is also uber cold and rainy outside.  The thing is, the other day I was checking out my wardrobe and decided that my wardrobe is not winter-proof yet.  Thismeans: SHOPPINGGG!!! Good thing to do right after I finish my exam! Will let you know soon what I decided to buy! X

Ph. by Sabrina
Blouse Ralph Lauren
  Jeans Zara
Rose Bracelet Renee Boetiek
Watch Fossil
Boots Les Petites Parisiennes

Sunday, October 14, 2012


Bad lightning. Check! Ehmm, awkward location to take outfit pictures. Check! Stoned look in the eyes. Check! Yes, I think we'd gathered all circumstances which are disastrous for a successful "photoshoot" and somehow made it work. Not the quality I'm used to, but he; it will do, right?! Yes, I'm trying to defeat the perfectonist in me, and turning into an optimalist instead. A transformation which goes slow, but steady; I'm taking babysteps

This was the outfit I wore at the Josh V. party last week. I had so much fun with my girls (Nishita, Whitney and her niece Delisa). A night to remember! 
Ph. by Nishita

Blouse Primark
Jeans Levi's Curve ID
Heels Lita's k.o.
Knuckle Ring Nepal

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

 I am so tired at the moment. Starting to realize i'm planning wayyy too much in one day. Feeling like an old lady seeking for some sleep, but won't get that for at least the upcoming two weeks blehh. Well, enough complaints, l had a blast last weekend.  I Went out with my boyfriend - FINALLY, he always works on the weekends-  and I danced the WHOLE night, No wonder why I am this tired, ha ha. Anyhow, I'm going to bed now, hope my inner battery will be loaded tomorrow morning! Sleep tight sweeties..Xox

Ph. by Sabrina

Blazer Zara
Top Supertrash
Legging Zara
Rose Bracelet Renee Boetiek
Watch Solar
Boots Les Petites Parisiennes

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Tomorrow it is already the day of our second test, and this one is all about anatomy. One of the subjects, I -study related-  suck in  the most.  Gee, I really can't fool myself into caring what the origo of the abductor pollicis brevis muscle is, or which nerve fibers the brachial plexus network form. No, anatomy is definitely not my cup of tea. But I'm just going to try to rock this test, by doing the best I can; may the force be with us.

Ph. by Nishita

Blazer F21
Top Zara
Denims Levi's Curve ID
Rose Necklace Mode Musthaves
Boots Acne

Thursday, October 4, 2012


What should I wear, a dress? a skirt? jeans? Finally I made the decision to go for jeans , PERFECT choice. (I thought). But nah-ah, everyone at the event decided to wear pretty dresses or skirts, so I was somewhat under dressed, BUMMER... But guess what, it happens to the best of us, I guess? An outfit should represent who you are, and this time it was spot on: Colorful, sparkly and completely dorky for not making the right choice hihi.
Last week I planned on studying 24/7, catching up with everything I did not do yet. Unfortunately it did not happen, but hey I managed to pick an outfit! Always look at the bright side of life, righdoo?  So this week will be full of catching up, and studying for my next exam: anatomy. Wish me luck pleasee

Ph Sabrina

Jeans Zara
Top Riverr Island
Heels Zara
Clutch Solar 

Monday, October 1, 2012

event JOSH V

One word to describe the event?  G.L.A.M.O.R.O.U.S!!!!! Music, cocktails, and pretty people, that's what I saw last Saturday at Josh V's (A so called fashion girl) launch of her new collection and showroom! The showroom was just incredibly stylish and chic. A little sneak peak: chandeliers, crytsal vases and champagne.  Never knew a showroom could look this good, my God!!  The showroom was just as pretty as her new collection called:Papparazi. Menn, I felt like a little child standing in a candy store and just wanting it ALL! As cherry on top, Lange Frans ( a dutch rapper) preformed especially for Josh V. At some point they started singing  Empire State of Mind, I sang along really loud so I hope they did not hear me...haha. Last but not least, we went home with goodie bag full of fashion-must-haves, I absolutely LOVED it!

Über thanks to the team of Josh V for inviting us!
Ph. by Whitney & Sabrina