Saturday, September 29, 2012

I. Can. Barley. Think. Right now. I am so extremely tired. I'm tired but.. Satisfied! I've learned quite hard last weekend, but that paid of (yes, I've probably passed my first test, yaaay). Had my first shot with Nish, who's currently learning the finishing touches of blogging. Thank heaven she's a quick learner, and not a computer dimwit who doesn't even know how to turn on a computer on, let alone blog. No, no, no I'm very proud of her and I really much enjoyed her first post. 

The rest of the week were filled with lots of social escapades. From eating sushi with Nish and her boyfriend to celebrate the blogjourney we're about to make, to coffee dates with high school friends. Haven't studied much this week. I know: bad me, bad me. And tonight? Tonight I'm going to the Josh V. party with Nish. Hmm, and some people say; once bitten, twice shy.
Ph. by Nishita

Leather Jacket OASAP
Top Primark
Jeans H&M
Bag India
Boots Acne

Friday, September 28, 2012


New girl in town, that's how I felt yesterday at the anual Specsavers event at the Westergast Fabriek. Luckily my momma-blogger (Sabrina) came along, Pheww!! As we arived we were welcomed with a Cosmopolitan, too bad I had to drive home haha. There were 12 models, each representing their own province. The look of the models was sophisticated with an edgy touch.  "Dutch Designers" , this was the theme of the event; models wore brands like Spijkers&Spijkers, Francisco van Benthum and clothes from Gstar Women and Vanilla.

As the event came to an end, the jury made their decision. The model from Zeeland was chosen as luckiy number one. And yes, she deserved it! The location and the style of the models contributed to a fashionable day. As a whole, I think i can get used to this life as a blogger!! 
A big thanks to Maison PR for inviting us!  

Ph. Sabrina

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

dSo here we go, my first post on Jardin de la Mode. Super excited but it's kinda scarry! Sabrina introduced me as cool and dorky and even though this is true, I'd like to tell you more about myself! I started med school three years ago where I met my partner in crime: Sabrina.  My passion for this long and boring study is almost equal to my passion for fashion. (yayy it rhimes!) I love wearing completely different styles but to describe mine in a couple of words, I would say: colorful, sparkly and feminine. And yes on a blue monday I will wear something completely  out of my zone, but yepp thats me!

Oeh, I'm so thrilled and so so happy and honored to share this blog with Sabrina. I hope you like my posts. Fingers crossed and here is round one! xx
Ph. by Sabrina

Blouse/Jeans Zara
Shoes Ebay
Bracelets 4everwitheveryone, Cruciani, Rene Boetiek

Monday, September 24, 2012

It's time to make an announcement. Not just any announcement, a huge announcement. From this day on I will share my baby, my proud, my blog with my friend: Nishita. It was a decision which took me quite a while to take, but I think this will be lots of fun. Not only for me, well also for me, but  for you too. Now I'm not able to update this blog as much as I'd love to. Blogging with the two of us, will probably increase the amount of posts by two. Giving you, my dear readers -some who just tuned in, and others who have followed me since day one- more posts. Nishita and I have different styles, so the variaty will grow. I hope you like this fact, and keep supporting us, just like you've always been  supporting me.

Nishita is a 20 y/o med student, just like me, and we met two years ago during college. She's the kind of girl who never bores you, the perfect balance between cool and dorky (sorry doll, is the truth ;). Who spends to much money on clothes, and has an unique style of her own. I think you will enjoy it. Here are some pictures of us the two of us, we took quite a while ago.
Ph. by Quinta
Oh before I forget, the ones following me on Twitter might know this already; JDLM BECAME A .COM! So two announcements in one post, gee what a day,  

Saturday, September 22, 2012

outfit PURPURA
Study marathon is oooon this weekend. Only 88 hours left, before my first exam of this year. And it's about a subject that I don't even care about. Well, well, well; don't get me wrong. I'm sure it's an important part of my medical education. But orthopedics is not my cup of tea. So for the next 88 hours, it will be just me and my books. Well, wish me luck.

Ph. by Withney

Blouse H&M Divided
Jeans WE
Leopard Heels Steve Madden

Thursday, September 20, 2012

event shopVIP
Yesterday it was the celebration of shopVIP's 1000th sale. An event like that can't pass us all inconspicuous. NO! It needs to be celebrated.. BIG! And big it  was, indeed. The feast was held in one of the most exclusive locations Amsterdam has to offer; the Amstel hotel (super cool fun fact: Lady Gaga was there at the exact moment, so close, so close). 

ShopVIP is a closed online community, which has been founded in 2008. So in the last 4 year, 999 sales have passed the review! Do the math; 999 sales in 48 months. That's a little over 20 sales a month, insane right?! During their sales, clothes, shoes, and everything in between, from brands such as Patricia Pepe and Missoni, were sold; with discounts up till 70%! Oh how I love to pamper myself, with these wallet-friendly A-brand goodies. 

I really had a great time, and I must admit it was one of the best fashion events I've visited this year (and I'm not saying that because of the ginormous goodiebag they gave us all afterwards, but it def helped a bit ;-). Here are some of the pictures I took yesterday.
Ph. by me

A huge thanks for Maison PR for inviting me, and to the shopVIP crew; you guys are zhe best!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Ugh, monday. I hate mondays. Especially a monday that follows on a weekend full of.. Well let's just keep it on, a not so relaxed weekend; hitting the gym (at 9 am (!)) for a spinning workout, followed by a 8 hour learning session, after that some social activities and to finish a few episodes of Grey's Anatomy till around 3 am (my parents bought me a DVD-box for my birthday.. now I'm hooked). Don't get me wrong; I enjoyed every bit of my weekend. But it was just a little bit.. overwhelming. Especially when you need to wake-up the monday after at 6am; not such a good idea. There's only one 'smart' thing to do now (particularly when you consider the fact that I must wake up at 5am tomorrow): I've got to go to bed. Good night dearies! 
Ph. by Nishita

Parka Vintage
Bag / Jeans River Island
Peplum Top H&M
Body Chain Gifted
Boots Acne

Monday, September 10, 2012

Ah, it pains me to even look at these pictures. These pictures were taking during my summer break, ehmm almost one-and-a-half week ago. I wasn't able to post anything due to my broken laptop, but the problem is solved now; bought a new laptop. Which lead me to the problem I'm suffering from now: severe 'brokedom'. Causality is a bitch.

My last year of my medicine bachelor has officially started, and now, a little bit over one week further, I feel as if I seriously falling behind. So I have some major catching up to do. Bah, orthopedics isn't my cup of tea.
Ph. by Zahra

Top Random
Blazer F21
Jeans/ Leather Bag River Island
Boots Acne
Sunglasses Ray Ban 

Saturday, September 8, 2012

spotlight LADY'S SECRET
Samia told me about this brand which sells all types of products that make walking -even on high heels- more comfortable. They sell various types of (in)soles, heel protectors, you name it. The name of the brand: Lady's Secret. You probably can imagine that I couldn't wait to try some of the stuff they sell myself.

Wilfred from Lady's Secret was kind enough to send me three various types of products they are selling; the 'No Pain' heel protector, the 'No Scratch' anti-skid mini insole, and the 'No Skid' anti-skid soles to attach under the shoe. I'll write a short review about these products.