Saturday, July 14, 2012

Whitney and I went to the show of these two sisters: Truus and Riet Spijkers. This fun designer duo create playful garments. I was running quite late due to traffic jam boehoe hate that shit. But it made us end up at the second row, in stead of the sixth. So a little hurray for traffic congestions!

My favorite piece of this collection? The grey suit, which you can see on the third picture. Love the way a suit that masculine, can make a woman look so feminine. 
This will be the first and the last show I will be attending this summers fashion week. In 9 hours I will be flying to Helsinki, and in 12 more I'm off to India.

- A little blogsilence for the next couple of weeks, due to the lack of internet. But I promise I'll make it all up to you with tons of holiday pictures. Namasté -

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Today I had a little rendez-vous with me fellow blogger Helena, earlier today. The moment it stopped raining, we took these outfit pictures. Unfortunately that moment, didn't last for too long; we were soaken wet, by the time we arrived in the tram to go home. Guess the weather gods weren't on our side today. Too bad, but I had fun over all. Now it's time to pack my bags! I'm going on vacation only six days from now, and this is the only 'spare' time I have left. 
Ph. by Helena

Leather Jacket Zara
Acid Washed Jeans Forever 21
Heels Random