Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Ph. by Nishita & Zayël

These pictures were taken on the exact same day as I took the Zara People Campaign pictures, for the lovely Zayël (picture 3) and Nishita (picture 5). I'm wearing my new crush; a leather biker jacket! It's my first leather jacket ever, me so very happy with it. 
Leather Biker Jacket Zara
Striped Top Vero Moda
Acid Washed Jeans F21
All Stars Converse
Ray Ban Wayfarer Mister Spex
Necklace HM

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Every single time I walk through the main shopping street here in my city; there is one story, one store I always -every single freaking time- walk in. As if it's a magnet, and I'm nothing but an ignorant little piece of iron, pulled in by it's great powers. Yup, you probably already know about what store I'm talking about -but in case you didn't- the River Island.

On April the 26th there will be a student shop-ins, in every single River Island store around the world. As a student you will receive a discount of 20%; you're probably are wondering what you'll have to do to get it?! Well, just show your valid student ID, and voilà that's it. To make this shopping spree even better, a DJ will be present from 5:00 PM, to drop some beats and make the whole experience even better. So make sure you'll attend it to score some nice summer clothes, for even better prices.

* Excluding promotional or discounted stock & gift cards and gift vouchers. Must have valid student ID.

Thursday, April 12, 2012


JWLtOl on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

Ph. by Zahra
It's only been three days since my Easter Holiday has come to an end; fact is I'm ready for a break again. Unfortunately for me, that won't happen until I've finished my junior residency in june. Woeh a few weeks after the end of my second school year I'll be heading to India for three weeks, accompanied by -for the present- random strangers! I'm so excited, I think it'll be a very unique and enriching experience. Buhu, three more months to go: yes we can!
Blouse HM Divided
Leather Jacket Zara
High Waisted Ankle Skinny HM
Hard Rock Boots Nelly
Ring Nepal
Bracelet eBay

Thursday, April 5, 2012

My friends Nishita and Zäyel are participating in the Zara People contest this month. They asked me to shoot some pictures for them; here are the result. We choose to go to an abandoned industrial site, to give the looks the edge that they deserve. I had so much fun, and I even think I prefer to be the girl behind the camera than the girl in front of the camera. I sure  they win, fingers crossed!
Ph. by Zäyel and me
1. My girls Nishita (left) and Zäyel (right)
2. Love her smile
3. Nish popping her collar
4. Floral shorts
5. Aren't they gorgeous!
6. with Nish