Thursday, March 15, 2012


Ph. by Sara
The weather reminds me of spring; and I absolutely love everything about it. From the feeling of the sun, shining on my face, to, the fact that it's getting more acceptable to leave your coat at home; temperature wise. Yesterday I wore this jumper which the sweet people from Sugar Lips Apparel have sent to me; it's super cozy and the sleeves are beautifully decorated with drop-like shapes. I topped it off with my new red pants. 
Jumper c/o Sugar Lips Apparel
Black Singlet Unknown
Backpack Primark
Spiked Bracelet eBay
 Red Pants H&M
Shoes Nelly

Friday, March 9, 2012

outfit ACE 

Ph. by Helena
Leather Jacket Pimkie
Leopard Top, Jeans, Scarf Primark
Knuckle Ring Nepal
Bag Vintage
Studded All Stars DIY

Monday, March 5, 2012


I owe quite a lot of shoes, but the shoes -which I've been wearing a lot these days- are the well known All Stars by Converse. The past decade, I've worn almost a dozen of pairs out. My low black ones are almost at a point, where replacing them is unavoidable. Almost! So, I've decided to purchase some cheap studs on eBay to give them a boost and breathe some life back into them.
Helena who paid New York a little visit last week (get a view impressions of her trip here), was kind enough to bring a pair of new All Stars along. I couldn't be happier, here are some pictures of these two (old) new shoes.

Ph. by me
Black Studded All Stars DIY/ Converse
White All Stars Converse
Edit: If you decide to go creative and pin some studs in your shoes, don't forget to add some lining. Or else you feel the pins poking you, every step you take; true story!