Sunday, February 26, 2012


These pictures where taken directly after my first test. Pff, first one down, one more to go; well before the big exame that is. As you can see I decided to go for something basic and comfortable; spiced up with this new white tee with a slit in the middle. Which was kindly given to me by OASAP. I just had a lovely study date with my gorgeous friend Jill. After the learning we had a dim sum lunch and I must admit I ate a little bit more than my stomach could handle. Blegh, I feel sick and tired; but it was definitely worth it. Now, I've got a little more studying to do before my head finally can hit the pillow. 

ph. by Ilse
White Shirt OASAP
Netted Shirt, Blazer, Necklace H&M
Riding Pants AA
Converse All Stars

Friday, February 24, 2012


Last tuesday, I visited the  "Behind the scenes" blogger event held by Unlimited PR. Unfortunately, I couldn't attend it from the start; but when I arrived, I really had an amazing time. Unlimited PR represents a lot of brands, such as MAC Cosmetics, Swatch and Levi's. On this blogger event some of the brands had activities in which we could participate. I -partially due to my late arrival- attended three activities; I've designed a pair of G-Star brogues, tried the new Kiss & Kill 3D glasses and got an illustration of myself made by Eva Bartels for Drykorn. Jup, I definitely enjoyed myself! Thank you so much UPR, for inviting me.
ph. by Team Peter Stigter & me

1. The MAC make-up artist in action.
2.  Orange Juice  Cocktails
3. Me, designing a pair of brogues for G-Star
4. Cakepops!
5. My self-portrait, can you recognize me in it?

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

outfit THE MAGIC

Although I've been running like a madman all day; I managed to find a little time (read: 10 minutes) between college and my working group meeting, to shoot these outfit pictures. I'm quite surprised by the way they turned out; didn't expected them to be "postable". Gosh, I just got home from the Unlimited PR Pressday. It was the first time I went to an event all by myself (now playing in the head: All by Myself by Celine Dion, so melodramatic). It took quite some time to acclimatize at first, but after I passed the awkward stage; I really had a great time. Pictures will follow soon (or later). Adios amigos!

Circle Scarf Primark
Leather Jacket Pimkie
Sheer Blouse Vintage
Necklace New Yorker
Green Denim Sutherland Denim
Backpack Primark
Leopard Loafers F21

Monday, February 13, 2012


In a post from about a week ago, I let you know I was on a never ending hunt for a wolf tee. The Mountain shirts where on top of my wish list, but due to the delivery costs and the additional taxes;  it was almost imposible to buy one of those (note: I'm a poor student). So when I posted a link to this 'Get Inspired' post -in which I was explaining my dilemma-  on Twitter, my dear friend Ilse responded immediately. Telling me she had an old wolf shirt for sale. Last week Ilse and I were finally reunited and she handed me this awesome wolf tee (as a belated birthday present) WOEHOE! I couldn't be more happier; from now on it's my fave tee fo sho.

ph. by Helena
Denim Jacket H&M (old)
Wolf Tee c/o Ilse
Netted Shirt Nelly
Riding Pants AA
Hard Rock Boots Nelly
Awesome Locker Key Bracelet c/o School

Saturday, February 11, 2012

get inspired I TOLD YOU I WAS FREAKY..

Today, I've inspired a whole look around the Ash Trash boots; they are the perfect combination between masculine and feminine footwear. A perfect example of where Mars meets Venus; don't blame me for loving them! For all the Dutchies out there: I got a hold on a dutch site which sells them thanks to*
*Bekijk meer laarzen hier
1. High waisted pants (Cheap Monday)
2. Floral blouse (Opening Ceremony )
3. Studded boots by Ash found through
4. Spiked earcuff with comb (for in zhe hair, Asos)
5. Scarve (Taziken)

Sunday, February 5, 2012


Brrrr.. My toes still feel numb after shooting these pictures. Holland just turned in some kind of winter wonderland, and it only took about fifteen minutes, in order for that to happen. I really don't like snow, in matter of fact 'hate' describes my feelings towards snow more accurate. Don't get me wrong; I think it makes landscapes look pretty and I don't mind the snow one bit when I'm inside my house, with no intention to get out. But when I really need to leave my house, the snow turns into a big burden; it's cold, slippy and most of the time  there is no public transportation (and when a tram finally decides to arrive it's chock full of people). Wow, I'm such a whiner sometimes blegh.
Today my mother wanted to do some China shopping at the IJ-hallen and she asked me to accompany her. The hunt for China failed epically, but here are some pictures my mom shoot for me (poor mom has senseless fingers as a result). Have a great week dear 

ph. by mom
Floral Blouse HM BIB
Jumper Primark
Denim Vest Primark
Riding Pants AA
Boots UGG 

Thursday, February 2, 2012

get inspired WOLF AND I..

It's been a while since I wore a more edgy and masculine outfit; I must admit I really long to wear something exactly likt this at the moment. A supercomfy look, topped off with heels (and accessoires of course ;-) And don't you love this wolf shirt, well I do; I'm desperately seeking for one as we speak (eBay, baby!).
Tomorrow it'll be the last day of my internship and I have mixed feelings about that matter. On one hand I'm glad it's over, so I'll finally be reunited with my long-time-no-see college friends (due to the fact that they were doing an internship elsewhere). But on the other hand I'll be missing having all time of the world; the internship I've been doing only took 5 hours a week (compared to the 30 hours I approximately spend normally at the university a week, not to mention the time I spend on doing my homework). Well let's throw in this Dutch saying (literally translated); every advantage has it's disadvantage
1. Leggings Warehouse
2. Collar Tips Asos
3. Wolf Shirt The Mountain
4. Angel Wings Earrings Asos
5. Heels Acne
6. Denim Vest Levis