Saturday, January 28, 2012

event AIFW/ green fashion competition

Yesterday I attended The Green Fashion Competitionalong with WhitneyCylia Ilona. The Green Fashion Competition is a competition for entrepreneurs in the fashion industry, for individuals (and teams) with a vision of what the future of fashion should look like. The aim of the competition is to find the talented entrepreneurs in the industry who aim to create a fashion business while sustaining biodiversity.
It really was a big spectacle; with a lot of designers who showed three pieces of their latest collection each. Here are a few pictures to give you a little impression of the evening. Warning: Picture Overload.

ph. by Natas and me
1. The collection of the winner two years ago: Elsien Gringhuis. I really love the collection she displayed, mainly because it's wearable much. My favorite by far was the black/white suit; love it
2.  Loved this pink suit, combined with this floral jumpsuit and a matching turban to top it off. By one of the winners; Carrie Parry
3. Another gorgeous suit by Carrie Parry
4. Nilofar, Whitney, Cylia, Ilona et moi
5. Such an extraordinary outfit, not really my cup of tea. But I can see the beauty of it; by ZAGB
6. Stunning make-up, at the show of SUPRB
7. Wow, amazing dress. It's so well-crafted, designed by Narelle Dore
8. And there was a special guest who attended this show; the dutch Princes Máxima

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


When my friend and I planned a trip outside to shoot some pictures, we passed by this setting; a little art exposition located somewhere in the middle of our school. This little art exhibition was hidden behind a wall of bricks, so shooting pictures in this area wouldn't be any more awkward then normal; at least we thought. During our 'shoot' we heard all kinds of noises, when we looked up to find out what's buzzin'; we realized that we were standing under this balcony where a small audience of people were witnessing our shoot. The awkward.
ph. by Zahra

Red Jumper H&M Trend
Velvet Leggings Random 
Shoes KO Lita's

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


A casual outfit, combined with my new favorite boots. That's all I've got to say, rock on!

ph. by Zahra
Lace Blouse H&M
Blazer Bershka
High Wasted Jeans H&M
Boots H&M
Necklace H&M

Geesh, I've been shopping way too much at H&M. Time for a H&M detox, I suppose. Btw, my friend Zahra introduced me to this great band called: Foster The People. If you don't know them yet, go check them out. Def worth the effort, trust me. Bye x

Sunday, January 22, 2012

new in THE COAT

I've been longing for this coat, ever since I saw it last year. But they day I've finally saved up enough money -read: the day my student grant finally was deposit- I went to the Zara and guess what?! They were completely sold out, even on their online shop; boehoe. So when unsuspecting me -this time with enough money in my pocket- walked into the Zara shop last week, here it was; my dream coat. You could imagine it didn't took long for me to decide wether I should buy it or not. Le me is in love with it, here are some pictures of me flaunting my new coat.

Ph. by Zara

Coat Zara

giveaway AND THE WINNER IS..

Silvia from Love, Sushi & Fashion. Congratulations dear, and go check out your email! I want to thank everybody who participated in this giveaway, and a huge shout-out for Janella from J-Line Designs

Friday, January 20, 2012


This was the outfit I wore when I went dim summing with Zahra last week. Some of you might have read on twitter that I've dyed my hair a few weeks ago. Well it didn't quite turned out the way I've hoped and expected; read: it turned out RIhanna red in stead of burgundy red. Thank God it was demi-permanent hair color, so it will fade slowly. Now it has come to the point where it pretty much is the color I had in mind: at least. But there are worst things in life, ain't that right? ;-) 

ph. by Zahra
Blouse New Look
Jeans Primark
Snake Boots H&M
Bag Stylenanda


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

get inspired COVETINGS
Dear, meet the objects which embody my current desire:
Gosh, If I only had more than €3,16 on my bank account right now, I would definitely buy:
1. A black jegging, like this one from Oasis
2. 4. Rose gold jewelery! Like these from Topshop and Asos
3. Another pair of snakeskin boots (I only owe like, two pairs ?), from Topshop
5. A (half)sheer blouse, this one is from T by Alexander Wang
6. More MAC lipsticks, I still have to buy a peach and a red one fo sho

Currently I'm doing an internship at the mental hospital, where I learn all about mental disorders that can affect children. Which reminds me I need to write an essay; agh duty calls. Ciao for now mi amor 

Sunday, January 15, 2012

hotspot DIM SUM
I know I've spoken about one of my favorite type of food before; Dim Sum. This yum yum food in combination with great company, is the best formula for enjoyment. Last friday, I brought my friend Zahra along. Who never had "dim-summed' before. Here is some foodporn to give you an impression of my top 4 -because 3 and 5 are too damn mainstream ;-)- of favorite dim sum meals.

ph. by me
1.  Heung Woe Hoi Sien Tjat: Bean cured rolls with  shrimps , taro, bamboo shoots and Chinese mushroomsa
2. Pak Fa  Choi Loeng Kuun: Spring rolls filled with prawnsa
3.  Heung  What Yeh Tjap Koo:  Coconut puddinga
4. Keung Chong Soi Kauw:  deep fried 'Wuntuns'   with prawnsa

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

outfit NOT A ROBOT
During my winter break I got the opportunity to spend some time with friends, friends who I have been neglected quite a while. I really enjoyed myself during this week, it was so nice to be relieved from worries concerning school and work. Another part I always seem to appreciate about breaks? Waking up late. I really feel rested and I'm all set for a whole month of studying (well I might be recalling this phrase really soon). Here are some pictures my friend Jessica and I took last thursday, when we were wandering around our beautiful city; the city of Amsterdam.

ph. by Jessica & me

Earcuff Ebayy
Camel Jumper Primarkk
White Netted Top H&Ma
Plum Pants H&Ma
Fake Lita's Wholesale-Dresss

Friday, January 6, 2012

When my friend Zahra -who's lately frequently the girl behind the camera- bumped into these Venetian masks, she came up with this great idea to use them for a little photo shoot. I really love the way these pictures turned out, that's why I love to share them with you.

ph. by Zahra and me
1. & 3. Mee
2. with Zahraa

Monday, January 2, 2012

WOEHOE! It's time for a new give-away, one to celebrate two things: 1. New Year & 2. the first anniversary of Jardin de la Mode which occurred on the 5th of December. For this give-away Janella from J-Line Designs and I joined hands. She was so generous to give me this amazing ring from her mini bullet line to give away to all my lovely blog readers. Thank you so much Janella!

This give-away is open worldwide, and if you want to participate just follow these steps:
1. Like J-Line Designs on Facebook, click here
2. Follow Jardin de la Mode through Facebook, Bloglovin' and/or Google Friend Connect
3. Leave me a comment with your email-adress and with wich steps you've accomplished

ph. by mom
This giveaway ends January the 21th, 2012. Everyone's eligible to participate