Thursday, November 29, 2012


Lovies, the best month of the year is almost there! Many of you may have noticed, streets are decorated and shops are selling the most beautiful collection of all times. Even though I hate the cold, I must admit that December is one of my favorite months of the year.  In almost a week it is 'Sinterklaas', for the non-dutchies among us, this is a national holiday especially for children  On December 5th , these cuties get spoiled with A LOT OF presents. Don't laugh, but on this particular day I would like to be 7 again, ha ha!!

  Then secondly, even more important and MORE exciting. On December 5th, our blog (yes, this baby) is celebrating its second birthday. So dearies, keep checking it because I am telling you the anniversary post will be AMAZING

Ph. by Sabrina

  Jacket Trashories
Heels Zara  
Pants Present from my cousin!
Bracelet Ebay

Saturday, November 24, 2012


It's incredible to see how my life has changed over the last decade. Well, I know this might sound strange coming from a 20 y/o gal.  But I'm fo real! Ten years ago I was in elementary school, living in the other part of town, doing my own little thing. Now, ten years later, I'm studying, living in the west side of town, still doing my own little thing. Looks practically the same, non? Incorrect! 

I think that in the decade between your early teen years and your early twenties, you will make the most growth. Not lengthwise, but on the surface of personality. Gee, my personality has changed a lot over the past few years, from shy, sweet and childishly naive to someone who's more confident, about who I am and what I believe in, (at least that's something I always try to be and do, and I must admit so far so good), and someone who always  speaks out her mind. That last feature often cause me lots of trouble, so I'm working now on taming it, so it won't brings me in awkward circumstances.

Even when I look to the people I hang out with, none of them were in my life ten years ago. Wow. I'm curious how the upcoming ten years will be, and on which conclusions I'll stumble upon doing so.
Ph. by Nishita

Asymmetric Top ASOS
Jeans H&M
Parka Vintage
Harness Boots Frye
Scarf Bought it in India
Ring My Name Necklace, get yours here

Thursday, November 22, 2012


Carrie Bradshaw, Kim Kardashian and many more, all of them are seen with a trend which comes from back in the days: A necklace imprinted with your name. In the Surinamese culture, it is pretty common to buy a necklace like this for every child. So as you may assume, I already have one. However, I did not have a bracelet with my initials yet. After an exhausting day of school I opened my mailbox and saw a tiny package containing a bracelet with the letter N M S, Nishita Mohini Sonya.  Thanks to Nienke, I am the proud owner of this uber pretty and sophisticated bracelet. If you have time, don't hesitate to take a little peak at their website. XX

Ph. by Sabrina
  Bracelet Mijn Naam Ketting

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Part of my outfit today has a special story. From today on I will be blogging for Trashories as well. Trashories is a web shop created by 
my cousin's wife. Some of you may already know this site, but yesterday they went online with a completely new layoutThe website is incredibly chique and feminine. Trust me, you get greedy of the things they sell! The collection is completely in line with  today's fashion ( ABSOLUTELY in love their Isabal Marant inspired jacket! OMG)  I am truly proud of the shop and I think it is worth your time to take a look. This week you get 15% discount on EVERY SINGLE PIECE, and as if this is not enough, if you spend more than 50 Euros, you might win a wellness arrangement including breakfast and dinner! So dearies, please take a look at this uber nice webshop I bet you will get greedy too!

Ph. by Sabrina

   Pants Trashories 
Heels Zara
Blouse Zara

Sunday, November 18, 2012


Today, after three months, my mommy is finally visiting me all the way from Surinam.  Past summer she decided to go back home and take care of my grannies. Even though we both have Skype and Whats-app, the freaking time difference is still 5 hours (trust me, that's a LOT!) I am happy to see my mother again, I have missed the home cooked meals and the fact that there is ALWAYS food in the fridge! When she left for Surinam, I was excited to run the house by myself. But mennn I can tell you it is SO MUCH WORK! Doing dishes, cleaning, ironing, doing groceries... and just when you think you have done it all... you have to start all over again! On the bright side, I Ioved having a place to call minee Because after all, it is completely yours when you do everything yourself. So actually a bit of a ying and yang feeling over here! Anyway for now, I'm looking forward to hug my mommy! For those of you who live far away from your parents, be proud of yourself and enjoy the moments you have with them! xx
Ph. by Sabrina
  Top Present from my cousin!
  Blazer Zara 
Jeans H&M 
  Ring BouBou
Boots Michael Kors

Friday, November 16, 2012

event SPR WOOL

Wool is hot! And I don't mean that wearing wool is hot, hmm well actually wearing wool could be quite hot from time to time, but wool is HOT. Wool is the 'it' material in town, now there's even a whole week dedicated to it; Amsterdam's first Wool Week! From 6 till 11 november, there were all kinds of events from flashmobs to catwalkshows, in order to celebrate wool. All in the motto of: 'Live natural, choose wool'

Yesterday, Whitney, Nishita, Romy and myself, went to the catwalk show held in this amazing store called SPRMRKT. The ambience was fun and laid back, and I had a blast with my dearies. 

Here are some pictures we took, unfortunately the pictures of the catwalk show didn't turned out that well (due to the crappy place I chose to stand, quite "bad luck Brian"-ish to be honest ),
Ph. by me

1. W/ Whitney & Nishita
2. Edgy looking models
3. In loveee with Whit's tee
4. Water, water everywhere
5. A view through the crowd
6. The fabric from this dress was so insane, you. should. feel. it. 
7. Romy, Whitney & Nishita
8. Amazing WOOL scarf
9. Yes, besides water there was booze too. Organic Vodka baby!
10. A close view of the endpose 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


 The title of this post, is just one of the insanely long, and hard words we have to learn. It all started two years ago, when the first word I had difficulties with learning was; panhypopitutarism. The gazillion other words of which the medical jargon consists, seemed to be imprented in my head without any trouble. But there are a few words, like this one for instance, we must learn, but I somehow won't seem to get them in my head. Buh. Well, I guess it will take me a month or so to learn -and even harder pronounce- dysdiadochokinesia. Which, by the way means, the inability to perform rapid, alternating movements; in case you wondered.

These pictures were taking about a week ago, when Nish, Whit and I visited the Bestseller office. Post about the new collections of the brands they represent will follow soon my dearies, and I warn you: you'll become greedy. Well, at least I did! The idea of having it all hanging right in my closet, gave me the strange, warm and sizzling sense of euphoria; I wanted to take it all with me. Well, there's nothing wrong with a little dreaming,§ every now and then, right?
Ph. by Nishita

Scarf Primark
Parka Episode
Blazer / Acid Washed Jeans F21
Wolf Tee Gift from Ilse
Harness Boots Frye

Sunday, November 11, 2012


What do you get when you team up with two crazy ass chicks to shoot some photos? Well, this:

Part deux: Nishita's bittersweet revanche; payback time ;)
(Whitney & Nishita)

Ph. by me

Edit: We've now got a combined blog Instagram account, which we will fill with lots of juicy and dorky images. Here's the linkbbèbès 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


 Good morning dearies! Love to write to you again, after a long week of sitting in PJ's and studying for my exam I felt the urge to dress like a woman again. And I can tell you, IT FELT SOOO GOOD!. After being chained behind my desk and after a good long hibernation, I decided to wear one of my favorite pieces: my super colorful necklace. I just absolutely love thiscolor combination. Autumn is really killing me, and it seems as if everyone has decided to dress the same as the grey, dark and color-less weather ha ha. Anyway, on the bright side a hot cup of chocolate makes up for everything! Take care lovies xox 

Ph. by Sabrina

  Top Mango
  Vest Zara 
Skirt H&M 
Necklace Zara
Rose ring BouBou
Watch Fossil 
Bracelets Present from my mommy
Boots ShoeShoe