Wednesday, October 24, 2012

instadiary 092012

We decided to go along with the "instadiary trend" in order to share our day to day life with you, lovelies. Here is our first edition. We put some pictures together which we took with our mobile devices in the course of September and this month. Hope you dearies like it, let us know what you think. Now I've got get back in the books; final exam is coming up this friday. Aghhr!
Fusilli at Vapiano ♥ // Nish & her bf // A random building sign in Amsterdam

After 4 long days, Nish's DIY bracelet was finally finished! Whoehoe // Acting like a duckfaced moron with my loves Gul (who's probably going to crack my skull for this one)  & Nish //At Unseen, Gallery Boetzelaer|Nispen

At the Josh V. event with Nish, Withney and Delisa //Romantic dinner with Nish and her hubby at the RedSun// And of course there was sushi

At the Specsavers event w/ Cylia // I love this scarf which I bought in India // Awesome photograph: the punk and the monk (source: 9GAG)

This is what we do at uni. With two besties! // Ready for a night out :D // And more sushi at Redsun

Find us on Instagram // Sabrina: @Sabri3na // Nishita: @Nishita2


  1. lovely pics...

  2. Love it!!!!;))


    Ps. Let us know if you would like to follow each other


  3. hey meis! leuke foto's allemaal:) X

  4. Such an amazing photos.
    I'm so into it.

    Would u like to follow each other ?


  5. Wat een heerlijke foto's!


  6. Ziet er leuk uit! Kan niet wachten tot ik ook weer toegang tot instagram heb.. echt ff afkicken haha. Ga je toevallig een dezer weken ook nog naar de pr dagen? X

  7. waar valt als eerste me oog op, het heerlijke eten!!
    Moet echt vaker bij de vapiano's gaan eten, die pasta is zooo lekker!


  8. These are some really nice pictures! Oh and the outfit is cool, simple but classy, love it! Your blog is very interesting, keep it up! And please check out my new post :)

  9. great instagram pictures!! so cute!! looks like a lot of fun!