Saturday, September 8, 2012

spotlight LADY'S SECRET
Samia told me about this brand which sells all types of products that make walking -even on high heels- more comfortable. They sell various types of (in)soles, heel protectors, you name it. The name of the brand: Lady's Secret. You probably can imagine that I couldn't wait to try some of the stuff they sell myself.

Wilfred from Lady's Secret was kind enough to send me three various types of products they are selling; the 'No Pain' heel protector, the 'No Scratch' anti-skid mini insole, and the 'No Skid' anti-skid soles to attach under the shoe. I'll write a short review about these products.
The first product I tested was the 'No Pain' heel protector. One of the reasons why I can't wear heels as often as I'd loved to is the shape of my heel. My heels are really flat, and most of the pumps have a curved back which cause me to loose my heels every step of the way. So walking on heels become a true hurdle, let's not even talk about how plump it makes me look. Let's see if these heel protectors make my problem fade away.

In the gif I made, you can see how easy it was to apply these heel protectors. Even for the clumsy human being that I am. When I got them attached I took them out for a walk, and I didn't lose my heels somewhere along the way. Yay! These heel protectors also provide relief from pain and protection against blisters. So you can wear your gorgeous heels to party all night long!
The heel protectors have definitely passed the test, on to the next one.

The second soles I've tested were the 'Anti-Skid' mini insoles. On the package they claim that it prevents you from slipping forward in open shoes and high heels, and that it avoids you from foot arch overheating. Let's give these a try.

I've attached these insoles in a pair of pumps which were a little bit too big for me. I figured if these prevent me from slipping forward, I might as well use them to bridge over the extra centimeters, by attaching them in the nose of the shoe; kind of like an off label prescription ;) Guess what? It worked! I think I even prefer this method to make your shoe a little bit smaller, over the heel protectors. Both are excellent ways to smaller your shoes, but in my opinion insoles are a bit more comfortable. 

The last product I've tested were the 'No Scratch' soles. A non-slip sole which you can attach at the bottom of the shoe, to prevent you from slipping. 

During my stay in India I bought a few pairs of leather sandals, which happens to have no sole profile whatsoever. When I tried them on in Holland it felt as if I was walking iceskating; the slippiness. So I thought one pair of these would make the perfect shoe to test these non-slip soles on.

I must admit the soles were still a little bit slippy, but the 'slippiness' has reduces so much that I even dared to take them out for a walk.

All in all I'm very positive about the Lady's secret soles. I've devoured a lot of insoles in the past couple of years, and the Lady's secret soles definitely earned a spot in my top three of best (in)soles! 

Lady's secret products are available in Holland and Belgium via the Lady's secret website (click here). The soles are available in different models and in the colors: strawberry, black, light grey and caramel.