Thursday, September 20, 2012

event shopVIP
Yesterday it was the celebration of shopVIP's 1000th sale. An event like that can't pass us all inconspicuous. NO! It needs to be celebrated.. BIG! And big it  was, indeed. The feast was held in one of the most exclusive locations Amsterdam has to offer; the Amstel hotel (super cool fun fact: Lady Gaga was there at the exact moment, so close, so close). 

ShopVIP is a closed online community, which has been founded in 2008. So in the last 4 year, 999 sales have passed the review! Do the math; 999 sales in 48 months. That's a little over 20 sales a month, insane right?! During their sales, clothes, shoes, and everything in between, from brands such as Patricia Pepe and Missoni, were sold; with discounts up till 70%! Oh how I love to pamper myself, with these wallet-friendly A-brand goodies. 

I really had a great time, and I must admit it was one of the best fashion events I've visited this year (and I'm not saying that because of the ginormous goodiebag they gave us all afterwards, but it def helped a bit ;-). Here are some of the pictures I took yesterday.
Ph. by me

A huge thanks for Maison PR for inviting me, and to the shopVIP crew; you guys are zhe best!


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