Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Every single time I walk through the main shopping street here in my city; there is one story, one store I always -every single freaking time- walk in. As if it's a magnet, and I'm nothing but an ignorant little piece of iron, pulled in by it's great powers. Yup, you probably already know about what store I'm talking about -but in case you didn't- the River Island.

On April the 26th there will be a student shop-ins, in every single River Island store around the world. As a student you will receive a discount of 20%; you're probably are wondering what you'll have to do to get it?! Well, just show your valid student ID, and voilĂ  that's it. To make this shopping spree even better, a DJ will be present from 5:00 PM, to drop some beats and make the whole experience even better. So make sure you'll attend it to score some nice summer clothes, for even better prices.

* Excluding promotional or discounted stock & gift cards and gift vouchers. Must have valid student ID.