Saturday, October 29, 2011


After a whole week of blog-abstinence; I'm back. I have spent my week doing nothing bĂșt studying and I must admit I am superduper glad it is over, at least for now it is ;-)
When I got home from the library two days ago -muy exhausted of course- there was this little package waiting for me. Curious as I am, I ripped it apart in a matter of seconds to find a pretty looking jewelry box that was holding this amazing ring. I adore this ring, it's so cool and unique. I wore it yesterday and almost everyone I spoke to stopped and stared, after which they asked me where I bought it. I really want to thank Nienke from My Name Necklace for giving me this ring. Want one too? Check out My Name Necklace.
ph. Mom
Name ring c/o My Name Necklace
Lipstick MAC
Nailpolish MAX
Top Primark

Friday, October 21, 2011


After publishing this post, I'll have to cut the ropes between me and civilization. Not for forever, just until I'm done with my first exam. So for the next couple of weeks, I'll be mentally ripping my books apart and absorbing all the information as if it were diet coke. So much to do, and no time to waste; byebye for now pumpkins & wish me luck ;-)


Ph. Ilse

Oversized Blazer H&M
Guns 'n Roses Tee H&M
Circle Scarf Primark
Jeans Primark
Leopard Loafers Forever 

Friday, October 14, 2011


- An outfitpost shot in five minutes only, during recess. 

by Ilse
Crochet top Primark
Black undershirt Primark
Plum pants H&M
Black Ccoat H&M
Boots Nelly
Ring Nepal
Bracelet Vintage

Friday, October 7, 2011

outfit CORBEAU
Is the name of the song that's stuck on repeat for almost a week now. I don't know why actually, but somehow it has got me captured. There is just something about the melody, her voice and even though I don't understand every single word she is saying, it moves me in a mysterious way. When I listen to it I picture myself dancing -contemporary- over and over again. Counting the steps in my head -the only place where me dancing contemporary doesn't look like me dying a slow death due to bee stings- and dance, dance, dance as if there's no tomorrow.

Ph. by Ilse

Red Blouse New Look
Riding Pants American Apperal
Leopard Loafers Forever 21