Thursday, September 29, 2011

outfit ONLY YOU 
I'm at the edge of a nervous breakdown.. Well, actually, not. It's just that same old syndrome of ''so much to do so little time'' which slowly but surely creeps into my life. I'm writing this post in the library between colleges, after college I've got a gathering at the endocrinology department about the research I'm working on. Later on I'm hitting the gym -or head home to do an intensive Zumba session on the Wii- followed by a long hot shower. With tons of homework on my mind and so much friends I'm neglecting with my busy schedule, I'm enjoying my life. Life live to the fullest!
Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma - which is living with the results of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of other's opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondairy.❞ - Steve Jobs

ph. Jill
Galaxy Top Bershka
Woven Cuff Topshop
Vintage Leather Bag Moschino
Plum Pants H&M
Shoes Converse

Friday, September 23, 2011

outfit BLUB BLUB 

Ph. Ilse 
I haven't been to the zoo since I was thirteen, so when my friend asked me whether I was in the mood for an after school trip to the zoo I didn't hesitate one bit. I even asked Ilse to come along and join in the fun! It was so strange to visit the zoo after a 7-year 'sabbatical': when I was little I used to go more often. Everything seemed much bigger when I was little, which makes sense. But getting it so close to experiencing, well it was strange! When I shook off these feelings I got captured by the emotion of nostalgia and I almost felt like a little child again. I regained the excitement of a trip to the zoo I had when I was six, and my inner-child relighted. Gently but firmly I asked my friends whether we could go to my favorite zoo section, hihi can you guess which?
Denim Blouse H&M
Denim Trousers Primark
Boots Nelly
Ring Ebay
Bracelets El Camino
Leather Bag Style Nanda 

Monday, September 19, 2011


Last thursday it was time for the annual spectacle wearer of the year (in Dutch: "brillendrager van het jaar") contest. In this contest, twelve participants -each from a different province- compete for the title of spectacle wearer of the year. But this isn't the only thing the winner wins, besides the title the winner gets a modeling contract offered, a weekend trip to Paris and a professional photoshoot for the Specsavers magazine. So there's much at stake for the ladies and only the twelve best were chosen to rock the runway of the Club Trouw building.

I didn't expect there would be an actual catwalk show. That was such a pleasant surprise! The show was presented  by the dutch actress Nikkie Plessen and all twelve contestants were styled from head to toe by six different stylists. The styling was divided in two categories; Color Blocking and Gold, each contestant wore an outfit from these two categories. In front of the skilled judges the candidates showed us how great the look with glasses. Here are some pictures of the show, dearies.

1 One of the contestant was the blogger Cylia
2 Large glasses which hung at the ceiling as decoration
3 The blogger Rachella was also a participant
4 Distinctive styling
5 The third blogger -who I recognized- Chloë
6 And the winner is... Charlotte Bausch (the one with the white dress)



Friday, September 16, 2011

my looks {LEMONADE 

Today, my friend Gül came to me and asked me why I haven't posted anything for a week. The reason is that I've been so incredible busy the last couple of days, that I almost haven't had time to basically do anything bút studying. Therefor I want to apologize myself to all of you and to Gül ♥

Here's an outfit post from a couple of weeks ago which was taken right after my first 'Total Body Workout'- session. Haha so behold my after-workout face ;-)

Ph. by Zahra 
Shoes Converse
Red Blouse New Look
Choker Nelly
High Waisted Jeans Monki
Ring Inherited

Sunday, September 11, 2011

hotspot LONDON BAR 

I felt like some sort of a jet-setter writing the title of this post. Bruxelles, Antwerp and now London? Nah, ha I wish. Today I went to this bar called London with two of my friends who I hadn't seen in quite a while, due to a combination of study hard and tumult on social area. But today we all finally made time for a little get-together and went to a jam session at a place called the "Badcuyp" which used to be a public bath. I'll include a few pictures of that place in this post too.

After that we went to the London bar and had a few Latte Macchiatos. Jenny is moving to London -what a coincidence- in about three weeks from now, to do research at the University over there and Geniva is busy with doing an internship. I'm so proud of these two girls! No wonder it was hard to plan a date with these two busy bees. Here are a few pictures which I made today.
1 The menu
2 A glimpse inside the kitchen of the "Badcuyp"
3 Genny (l) & Jenny (r)
4 Amazing saxophone player
6 Detailshot of the bar

I really had a great time with these two incredible chicks! It really was a laid-back sunday afternoon, just the way I like it. How did you spend yours?



Note: All the pictures which are taken at the Badcuyp are in black and white

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

my looks BRUXELLES. 

School has started yesterday and I'm already craving for a long holiday. I really don't have the feeling I just had a break of two months, so strange.

Yesterday was the expiry date of my blog giveaway, so I would be pleased to announce the sweet winner: Haru! Congratulations sweetie and I will send you the ring as soon as possible!

This was the outfit I wore when I went to Bruxelles ;-)

ph. my Mom (she upgrated her photography skills ;-)

Blouse H&M
High Waisted Riding Pants American Apparel
Bag Vintage
Rings Ebay/ Nepal/ Vintage
Shoes Nelly
Lipstick MAC girl about town



Sunday, September 4, 2011


Yesterday I decided to take my family -my mom and dad- on a little road trip to Bruxelles. It's only a two hour drive from Amsterdam to Bruxelles, and believe it or not I've actual never visited the capital of Europe. It's a shame, I know I know.
First we went to this antique market at this place called 'Les Marolles', there were dozens of market stalls selling vintage clothing, glasses and bags. Oh and they also sold a lot of Tribal Art from African and Balinesian origin. I would have loved to roam around this market, but I really felt uncomfortable by some people who were staring at me and especially at my camera. I really didn't want people to rob my camera -dûhû- so I left it after about an hour.
After that we went to this shopping district localized on 'Rue Neuve' they've got some shops in Belgium they don't have in Holland -or Amsterdam- (yet), such as Forever 21, New Look and Promod. I really let my hair down shopping items from these stores. I will show you my new trophies very soon.
Before we left Bruxelles we went to see 'Manneke pis'! The main touristic attraction in Bruxelles (and it really showed, it was so crowded, My Gosh). The minute we arrived we saw a whole spectacle around it because it exactly existed 25 years.
On our way home we decided to pay Antwerp a visit. One of my besties emigrated to Antwerp to study over there. So we unfortunately don't get to spend a lot of time together due to distance and time. I had to see her! We spent only 15 minutes together but it was like old times.
♥ you B.

ph. by me 

Got the whole Amsterdam-in-Bruxelles vibe while looking at these bicycles, love it!// The exit to Antwerp// B. & me// African and Balinesian tribal art// Escargots, anyone?// Isn't this rocking donkey just adorable// Europe!// Me// 'Manneke Pis'// The forever 21 store, the guard of the store almost kung fu'd me for making this picture// A girl who was Rhönradding in the time the traffic light were red// An Brussels street-view



Thursday, September 1, 2011


Yesterday Zafiera and I went to the Christmas show from River Island which was held by Oona. September has arrived and Christmas is already coming our way. Gee times travels fast! It I'll be 2012 before I realize it.

I really enjoyed the whole setup of this show; it was small-scaled, the ambience was great and the refreshments were delicious. And I had great company! Here are some pictures I made during the show which was held at the headquarter of Oona PR Amsterdam.

Sparkles everywhere, even on heels// I love this electric blue leather skirt// Gorgeous cutout of this red maxi dress// Cocktails!//  Stunning spangled shorts// Green (and red) leather purses// There was menswear too// Shoes molded in ice (ask Zaf, she felt it)// I love this strong and feminine pose of the model// High wasted zipper pants// More shoes// Toxito// And there were more sparkles// Final round

It was an amazing show and I really have a great time. Special thanks to Oona for inviting me!