Monday, August 29, 2011


Here are a few items that I received last week and I love love love them. Especially my new lens (which I used it to make these pictures) and the Nelly Hard Rock boots are my favorite. When I received these boots they didn't fit at all, so I got behind my computer trade them by ordering a bigger size. And guess what? They were sold out. I didn't knew what to do because I didn't want to not-own them or to trade them for a different pair of shoes. Desperate me went to the cobbler -note: the hero of this story- who guaranteed me he could easily make them a size bigger. And so he did! My sad face turned into a happy one and they are my currently favorite shoes (I really should have married the guy)

Boots Nelly ''Hard Rock Boots"
Eyeball Ring Ebay



p.s. Have you already seen the new Lanvin Fall 2011 Campaign Movie? Lanvin x Pitbull baby, click here to watch it!

Friday, August 26, 2011

inspiration WEEKEND

Only one week left. Only one week before university kicks off and I'm obliged to spend forty hours a week at the university. But what some Kung Fu Panda wisdom taught me is that yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift that's why they call it the present. So I'm going to enjoy myself to the fullest, because I'm fully aware of the fact that I haven't got a break until December (!)

Here is an inspiration post to ring in the weekend. Do you have anything special planned, tell meeee ♥
Ph. Ilse, Jak and Jill & Stockholm Streetstyle

Enjoy your weekend dearies and don't forget to enter my giveaway,



Edit: Oe I totally forgot to mention that I was featured by Vaag Magazine as blogger of the week! I'm so excited :D Click here to read the article (dutch only)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


DIM SUM! Is there anything more delicious? A few weeks ago Angela, Ilse and I went dimsumming in this place called Oriental City. It was crowded with Asians, I've heard that this is a sign that the place must be good. I really had a great time catching up with my two loves in the enjoyment of great Chinese food! And after that we had a nice cup of Bubble Tea at Zeedijk YUM YUM

Orchids, one of my favorite flowers// Keung Chong Soi Kauw muy delicious// Chinese Paper Lanterns// More foooood// Ilse and Angie 



Saturday, August 20, 2011


The first week of my summer holiday was amazing. It's so strange to actually do nothing at all, I almost starting to feel 'useless' not working or studying. But it really gives me the time to do things I enjoy doing like chilling with my loved ones. And I know my holiday will be over in the blink of an eye, like hello my timetable is online already. So I better enjoy it while it lasts right?!

Last week Angela, Helena and I went shopping in the 9 straatjes. The 9 straatjes is a shopping district in the centrum of Amsterdam which contains 9 streets that are loaded with shops. You can find here vintage shops (like Episode and Zipper) as well as designer shops (like Acne and Tony Cohen). I really had a blast with these two crazy gals! This is the outfit I was wearing ;-)

ph.Angela et Helena

Ebay Turban and Worker Boots
H&M Earrings and Waterfall Vest
Bershka Galaxy Inspired Top
Vintage Tumb Ring
Unknown Leather Jacket and Pants



Friday, August 19, 2011

get inspired PLAGE

I'm in such an incredible hurry at the moment! Do you know that feeling that no matter how early you wake up or how prepared you are for the next day before you go to bed, somehow you always manage to be in an incredible rush. Ok in 9 out of 10 cases I'm actually on the right time at the right spot, but what a relieve would it be if I didn't had to haste myself each and every day. All the little frustrations in life!

Chiffon Blouse La Garconne
Earcuff Unknown
Dark Denim Flag Print Hotpants Topshop
Shoes All Stars

I literally got to run now, I have a shopping date planned in Utrecht with Angie. Hope I won't miss my train, bubye!



Wednesday, August 17, 2011

hotspot (OH MY) FROZZ

When my friends and I went shopping last wednesday in the 9 straatjes we came across this frozen yoghurt store called Frozz. Due to the Ramadan I wasn't able to enjoy the goodies they were selling, but Angela and Helena did. And they told me it was Delicious with a capital D! You can pick any topping you like- such as dark/white chocolate, cherries or muesli- for you home made Dutch yoghurt. And the best part? It's a low fat treat, because every cup contains only 100 kcal! I know I will definitely visit it any time soon when I'm not fasting. Here are some pictures of this place to be ;-)

ph. by Helena and me

You can find Frozz at the Hartenstraat 36, Amsterdam (9 street district)



Friday, August 12, 2011


Last monday I turned 19! I started my birthday on a quite unusual way.. I took a driving test! I was so freaking nervous -because it was my fourth and last chance on getting my driving licensee the ordinary way- but guess what?! I passed and I'm finally the proud owner of a driver's license. That little plastic card caused me so much stress, but it was definitely worth it. The best birthday present ever!
I'm planning on celebrating my birthday with friends later on (hihi because I was so afraid I'd  kill the mood with my bad temper in case I failed my driver's test). 
In honor of passing my driving test -and of my 19th birthday- a new give-away on my blog! It's been quite a while since I gave another ring away and I was receiving lots of emails of people asking me when I'll do another give-away. 
The hardest part about a give-away is the question: 'What shall I give-away'? So I'm giving away something I would love to get, a ring inspired on the Yves Saint Laurent Arty ring. I really adore the unique design of this ring, that's why I've purchased one to give-away. Maybe not so original -because my last and first give-away consisted a ring too- but what shall I say, I just love rings.

Do you want to participate? Just follow the following steps:
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After you're done with these steps, leave me a comment with your email and the steps you've completed. 
This giveaway ends September 5, 2011. Everyone's eligible to participate.
Hope you like it and good luck! 
A big thank you for Helena from Snap Me for making photos pour moi 

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

hotspot MANGO'S

Last week I went to the beach with my sweet friend Jill, who I haven't seen in 'ages'. According to the weather forecast, good weather could be expected. It was an amazing day and we hang out at this bachata bar called Mango's. An amazing cuban inspired lounge with the gentle sounds of cuban music playing on the background. We sat here for approximately three hours, catching up and checking out people. I really had a blast! Here are some pictures to give you an impression.

The menu in the shape of a newspaper // Two big flags of Che Guevara are placed in front of the bar, so you can't miss it // My beautiful companion, the sweet Jill // Gorgeous furnisher // Jill's delicious meal // After that we took a nice walk by the seaside

I really recommend you to visit Beach Club Mango's when you visit the beach of Zandvoort.




Friday, August 5, 2011


My name Sabrina is derived from Sabr, which means patience in Arabic. But when it comes to patience, I'm actually a true (impatient) Leo. In a post from a few days ago I promised myself -and all of you lovelies- to buy my new camera on my birthday. Well to make a long story short, I owe my new camera (wiehoeeee) and I haven't turned nineteen yet. When my paycheck was deposed into my bank account it was vanished in only a matter of hours. I've chosen to purchase the - tum-tum-tumtum - NIKON D3100! I must admit I'm very pleased with it, and I'm currently trying to figuring it out. As regards my birthday present -hihi- I've bought a 50 mm lens with it which is expected to arrive on my birthday! So all's well that ends well, here is the first outfit post shot with my NIKON ;-)
In my post of a few days ago I've created an outfit using friendship bracelets. I was really captured by them, therefore I went hunting for an online shop which sells them for a more affordable price. I found a store called El Camino Shop which sells them for only €1,- each! I bought 7 pieces right away and I'm really pleased with them.

Ph by Khadija
Round Sunglasses Vintage
Mint Sweater Monki
Mint Skirt H&M
Friendship Bracelets El Camino
Twisted Ring Vintage
Gladiator Heels Nine West
Tights Primark
Enjoy your weekend dear,