Thursday, July 28, 2011


ph. Soraya & HelenaOn the last day of AIFW S/S 2012 I went to two shows  Edith & Ella and The Green Fashion Competition, together with Helena & Lucia. When we arrived we mingled with the other bloggers present. It's always so fun to meet bloggers you already know and meet new ones. This was the outfit I wore on my second -and last- day of AIFW. 
Knitted Top H&M
Black Silk Maxi Monki
Golden Belt Inherited
Tights Primark
Woven Golden Cuffs Topshop via IJ-hallen Twisted Choker H&M


Wednesday, July 27, 2011


When I was 14 years old, my mom came home from work one day. With her she brought a lot of gifts, given to her by colleagues on her farewell party. One of these gifts was a Tommy Hilfiger bag. On which I quickly lay an embargo on. That's the story of how I gained my first designer bag. So when Tommy Hilfigers PR-agency asked me wether I was interested in writing an article on the exiting competition they're organizing, I didn't hesitate one bit.
Tommy Hilfiger is organizing a competition, their goal? Seeking for the most original/creative/stunning/amazing prep look. The price? A weekend break to the prep city of your choice. Always wished to go shopping in Milan? Or wanted to admire the Eiffel Tour up close in Paris?  You can even visit New York for a shopping spree! On top of that you get €500,- of shopping money to make it through the weekend.

The only thing you have to do is to in order to stand a chance on this amazing price is uploading your photo by clicking on the banner below. Just as simple as that. And who knows? Maybe you're the lucky one who gets picked and will make a trip to the destination of your choice.

So get prep, good luck dearies!

Sponsored by Tommy Hilfiger

Sunday, July 24, 2011

my looks SINKIN' SOONx

I wore this outfit at the Charlotte Kan's, Play and Pose project last week. This was the first fashion week  event I attend this season. Fashion week for me goes always hand-in-hand with some major dressing stress. I had absolutely no clue what to wear. Therefor I've chosen to wear my favorite item at the moment -there it is again- my yellow blazer.
ph. Hazal

Yellow Blazer Vintage via IJ-hallen
Oversized Blouse Primark
Leather Skirt Monki
Tights Primark
Black Pumps Alysa
Twisted Choker H&M

Before Helena and I went to this event, we first went shopping! Because I was in desperate need of some classic/basic black pumps. Zum Glück I found a pair (if not I had to wear my All Stars what would've made me look even tinier ;-)!

The final countdown -on buying a camera- starts now! Only two more weeks to go, before it's my birthday (yes I'm buying a camera as a birthday present pour moi-même muwahaha)! Still doubting which one it's going to be though. But I already know which lens I'll be purchasing, a 50 mm/1,8 lens. But hé, I've got fourteen days to cut the knots.

Hope you'll have a nice week ahead of you, with great weather! In Amsterdam it have been raining cats and dogs all weekend long and it's supposed to be summer.



Friday, July 22, 2011


Last wednesday the 15th edition of Amsterdam International Fashion Week took off. During this edition designer Charlotte Kan presented her so called Play & Pose project, together with 10 fashion-bloggers. The presentation took place outside, on the Westergasarea in the form of a photo-shoot. 
I attended this event with my fashion-week partner-in-crime Helena, who was chosen on the spot by (model) scouts to be the tenth blogger-model. I'm so proud of her, she did an amazing job! So did Charlotte Kan, on creating this wonderful collection. Regarde!

The first nine bloggers: Ilanka, Leila, Annemiek, Maddalena, Joyce, Rebecca, Kim & Charlotte // Some of the lookbook pictures // A picture with the designer Charlotte Kan, and the tenth blogger-model Helena aber natürlich!
Enjoy your weekend dear! Any special plans?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

my looks RUMOR HAS IT
This is the outfit I was wearing to the IJ-hallen sunday two weeks ago. I've been to busy to post it, so voilá!
ph. Ilse

White Linnen Blazer Primark Oxford Street
Navy Lace Blouse H&M
Dark Jeans Zara
Worker Boots Ebay
Snake Ring H&M




Sunday, July 17, 2011

get inspired SELFMACHINE 
It has been a crazy couple of days. Mixed with doing research and working as a nurse on the one hand, and going to fashion week and meeting interesting bloggers on the other hand (pictures will follow soon my love). Oe I bought something really really pwetty online yesterday, curious? I'll show you when I receive it ;-) I'm super exited!
Here's a new 'get inspired' post, gee it has been a while.

Burgundy Knitted Jumper Thakoon Addition
Leopard Pumps Steve Madden
Black Suede Shorts L'Agence
Choker Necklace Nelly
Gold Flower and Skull Ring Alexander McQueen

Fashion week posts will be online soon. Stay tuned dear!



p.s.: Have you read my little feature at Teen Vogue already? If not, click here to read it ;-)


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

my life IJHALLEN 
It's official: I'm done with the first year of med school ;-) I have passed all my tests and I'm super satisfied with that matter. Now I have two months off before school begins. In which I'm going to work for one whole month, in order to buy a camera (finally can I get a 'Hallelujah'). I'm still doubting though between which NIKON -yes, I'm already sure about which brand I'm purchasing- I want. Will it be #1. the D3100 #2. the D5100 or #3 the D90, which one would you take? You might wonder what I'm planning on doing the second month, well I have no clue. The only thing I know is that there will be a lot of chilling, the second half of my summer vacation. And I will make a lot of pictures aber natürlich ;-)
These pictures were taken last week when I went to the IJ-hallen with Helena, Angela, Ilse, Lotte,  Zafiera, Hazal and Cana. I really had a blast with these chicks, and I'm sure more dates will follow. To be continued 

Zaf, Hazal, me, Heleen & Ilse // I just love these two sugar pie doll faces Angie & Ilse // me shooting Ilse's outfit // with Zaf // exchanging numbers



p.s.: I'm writing this post from my new office -ghihi- at the endocrinology department of the hospital. Got to go back to work peaches <3

Thursday, July 7, 2011

My Looks| Unissasi Laulelet

In this post -from a few days ago- I gave you a 'preview' of the outfit I wore to the We Like... Fashion Bloggers event. So tadaaam here is the complete outfit! I bought this see trough midi dress at the Monki sale (where I also bought these garments) for only €10,- and I'm so happy with it. Still doubting though, whether I should make it shorter and turn it into a long blouse.
I'm almost done with my internship and busy with cutting the knots on my final assignments. And then?!  Summer holiday! I'm going to work four weeks long -in order to buy one fine ass camera- and after working I'll be spending four weeks chilling/shopping (and maybe, maybe visiting Stockholm). How are you planning to spend your summer holiday?

with Hazal & Cana // L'outfit // and my round Yoko Ono-ish glasses // Ilse's dedication to photography, amazing // in front of the Rijksmuseum // an unexpected shot // jumping (all the other ones failed miserably) // my golden, twisted choker // the overexposed Monki wedges I wear A LOT lately // with Hazal, Leila and Cana

Sheer Dress Monki
Denim Vest Primark
Wedges Monki
Choker H&M
Glasses Vintage bought at the IJ-hallen


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Event| We Like.. Fashion Bloggers

Here are some pictures of the We Like.. Fashion Bloggers event from the amazing store We Like.. Fashion to give you a little impression of the ambiance (oeh you should definitely check out their online store filled with gems: welikefashion). I really had a blast -and we all know time travels way too fast when you have fun-  ;-). The atmosphere was great, the snacks were delicious and the whole store was filled with pretty clothes and sweet bloggers. Yup I had an amazing time, last friday!
Today I witnessed a DBS deep brain stimulation of someone who suffers from Parkinson's disease. A medical surgery which took almost nine hours. Nine hours of standing and trying not to faint -what luckily didn't happened (at least not this time, first surgery was a fainting-disaster ghihi). I'm now going to sleep mi amour, more coming soon!

Leila, Hazal & me  // Pwetty pwetty dress // me, Laila & Cana - les vêtements - l'ambiance // the sweet Brianca et Stacey checking out pictures // woe clothes

Enjoy your week honey, I... need ... to ... reboot!




Saturday, July 2, 2011

My Looks| Preview

Woei sorry of my lack of posting, but I'm such a busy bee at the moment. I'm about to face my last week of my internship and during my breaks and after work-time I'm investing as much time as possible in doing research at the endocrinology department. It's exhausting but really satisfying, every-time I walk through the doors I feel like I actually méant something. 
Yesterday I went to We Love... Fashion Bloggers gathering with Cana, Hazal and Ilse and met some amazing bloggers. And here is a preview of the outfit that I wore! One thing I know for sure: I Love... Fashion Bloggers! And therefor I will be meeting some wonderful bloggers tomorrow to go shopping at the IJ-hallen and have some drinks afterwards. Yeaaah I can't wait, I'm sure we'll have a blast ;-)
Damn my hair looks so dry at the ends, I think it's about time for a haircut ;-) 
Enjoy your sunday dear!