Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Feature| I Love Fashion News

Today it's so hot, too darn hot (95,0°F)! I just came home from my internship and I'm planning on taking a sweet sunbathing-session after writing this ;-) When it's hot in Amsterdam you should enjoy it because, it'll be over before you realize (boehoe tomorrow it will be only 64,4°F). Today I'm featured by I LOVE FASHION NEWS as Fashionista of the Week, and I feel so honored! Thanks to the ILFN-team for featuring me. This sunday I will be going to the IJ-hallen with a few lovely bloggers (Helena, Cana et Hazal, Zafiera & my blond partner in crime Ilse) and two of my non-blogging friends Jessica & Lotte! I can't wait, but first things first: chilling in the sun. Bubye 

Adele with Rumor Has It 

Enjoy your week dear, and click here for viewing/reading (Dutch only) my feature. Enjoy your weekend honey and thanks for the music tips on my last post! I'm planning on listening it all soon JEEEJ 



Edit: Credits for the pictures by Ilse 

Friday, June 24, 2011

Get Inspired| Us

Week #2 of mine internship is over! I've learned even more -maybe not as much as in my first week, but knowledge is power! I really like neurosurgeon and I hope I can attend another operation pretty soon (haven't seen any since my first day haha). These two weeks have really been confirmation of what I already knew: I really want to become a doctor, and, becoming a doctor is damn hard. The black under my eyes have become bigger and bigger, my mom even told me to wipe off my mascara because it's running out. I was like mascara? I don't even have time to comb my hair, let alone put on mascara. But I won't nag, you want to know why?! Because it's FRIDAY (damn you Rebecca Black). Two days to regain some energy and sleep! Hurray so now you know my plans, what are yours?

Us by Regina Spektor
Blazer Topshop
Ribbed Top Witchery
Sun Glasses by Karen Walker via La Garconne
Preppy Flats Fellisimo
Denim Stripped Shorts Topshop

Oe I'll be planning on listening to lots of music this weekend! Have you got any suggestions you'd like to share with me? I'm into indie rock/pop, soul and french music lately, but I listen to anything good ;-) 

Enjoy your weekend love!



Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Looks| Monki Business

In my last outfit post I told you I went shopping at Monki, and here are two of the garments I bought ;-) I really love the cut of this top and the simpleness of these jeans!
Oepfff I'm so tired -look at those dark circles under my eyes to verify :p-  but I really have an amazing time during my internship. Happy first day of summer (or winter)! Me is off to bed ;-)

Lykke Li with Tonight (acoustic)

 Ph. Zahra 
Asymmetric Top Monki
Jeans Monki
Worker Boots Ebay
Rings Vintage and H&M
Lipstick Cartrice 

Enjoy your week lovely, stay awesome!



Sunday, June 19, 2011

My Looks| Blak and Jello

Here's a new outfit post! This time my mother was the photographer (so sweet of her, thanks mom ) So tadammm here is the yellow blazer -my current favorite- I was constantly bragging about! I'm so happy with this blazer I bought for only €4,- at the IJ-hallen. It has a pretty bright color and give a simple outfit the touch it demands. OE I LOVE IT!
Today I went shopping -again- at Monki! I bought some amazing garments I'll show you any time soon. But tomorrow week #2 of my internship starts and I can't wait for it! I'm even considering becoming a neurosurgeon (if I get the chance).. Ha we'll see, we'll see I've got 5 more years to make up my mind!

Black and Yellow by Wiz Khalifa

Yellow Blazer
White Top Primark
Choker H&M
Black Tregging Plein '40-'45
Tiger Ring Primark
Shoes All Stars

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Enjoy your week dear!



Friday, June 17, 2011

Get Inspired| You Can Take My Heart| ILFN

Woei woei, I've just finished the first week of my internship. It was so interesting and the more I get to know about all the neurological diseases, the more enthusiastic I'm getting! The only downside is: waking up at 5:15 a.m. -knowingly that I'm far from a morning person myself- and return to home at 5:15 p.m. (now playing in my head: am to pm from Christina Milian - back in the days ;-) But it really is an intense roller- coaster, the first day I already stood at the operating-room above all my expectations. I'm now absolutely exhausting, though I can't wait to go back on monday seeing/learning/experiencing more.

You can take my heart by Soko 

Jade Shorts Topshop
Leopard Messenger Bag Zara
Striped Top La Garconne
Sunglasses Miu Miu via Mister Spex
Peep-Toe Wedges Steven Madden

Today I've discovered a new site -while reading my mail- it's called Mister Spex. A site where they sell a lot of pwetty pwetty designer glasses. The Miu Miu collection -you can see one I've used in my collage above- is definitely one of my favorites. Go check it out, and let me know which one is your favorite. (want to see mine?! click here)

Oh did you know that I LOVE FASHION NEWS added my blog to their blog overview, how cool is that?! There are some amazing blogs in this overview for you to discover -if you didn't already knew them though hihi- so run down the list and I hope you'll find some new entertaining blogs over there.

Well I'm going to catch some sleep now, and try to make some assignments this weekend. What are your plans dear -please let them be way more exiting than mine ;-) Enjoy your weekend love 



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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Streetstyle| Oslo

It's time for a new streetstyle post! Now it's Oslo's turn to show us the fashion skills these Norwegians own. I really love the whole scandinavian style -in case you haven't noticed 
that yet ;-) -, that's one of the reasons why I chose Oslo for this post (in my post from a few months ago, I featured Stockholm in one of the streetstyle posts) You know I'm already a die-hard fan, and these were by far my favorites. Hope you love them as well, and maybe I even made too. Sjekk det ut!

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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Get Inspired| White Nights

Finally my exams have ended! Jeeeej, after one whole year of studying this thursday my internship finally begins. And to celebrate this joyful event, I took myself downtown for a 
little shopping-spree -bought a denim vest, a few basic tops and shorts- (told you my tax refund wouldn't last till the end of the week but hé you only life once ;-) I am planning on doing nothing at all- for one week long, how sweet is that! Well I've got a birthday party in about a few hours, but no more studying for a few days :D Oh, I almost totally forgot: 
Happy birthday Danza
Last month I've visited the Oh Land concert, with Ilse and her boyfriend! I had a blast ;-) And tuesday I had my first festival of this year, the Plan -Girls First- concert on Java Island! I really had a splendid time. That's it for now gorgeous, I'm going to dive in my closet in order to find something partyproof. Although I'd love to wear this instead: