Saturday, May 28, 2011

Get Inspired| In The Sun

This is the outfit I would love to wear at the moment. It's nothing like the outfit I currently wear, it's more like the exact opposite. I'm wearing my so called ''learning-ensemble'', which means I'm wearing an oversized sweater, a legging and a pair of way to colorful socks (so colorful they almost make my eyes ache). And the worst part?! That I probably have to be dressed like this for the next two upcoming weeks, studying while I'm locked up in my room (like Tangled, except for the long hair, the prince and the witch, ehmm the first two sound pretty good, pretty good) But it's all for the best right?!
And after this two whole weeks of mental exhaustion I finally can do my internship jeeeeej! After that? Summer holiday baby ;-) So much fun stuff to look forward to, but until then I've got to study die-hard! Bubye 

Song of the day -as sweet as honey- She & Him - In The Sun (click to listen)

Monday, May 23, 2011

My Looks| Cosmo

In my last post I gave you a sneak peak of the outfit I wore to the ''Cosmo Mooiste Benen''-event. So tadaaaam here is the outfit I was wearing!
This was the first time I took my DIY-clutch -click here to see it- for a ride on the wild side. 

L'ensemble | Me making a weird movement in front of some extraordinary artwork | with Nadja et Xaviera | Two detail shots blended into one | with Ilse, Nadja & Xaviera | Detail shot from my clutch and jewelry | with Ilse | My overexposed Monki wedges from a whole new angle ;-)

Blazer Primark Oxfordstreet
Jumpshort  worn as top Primark
Skirt Ebay
Wedges Monki
Clutch Made it myself (check for the tutorial here)
Skull double finger ring Asos
Arm Choker found in my moms wallet

I attend the '''Cosmo mooiste benen''-event with  IlseXaviera and Zafiera, where we met the amazing bloggers Nadja, Valentino and Christian. After the show we dined at this utterly cute restaurant named Vapiano ;-)


Saturday, May 21, 2011

Event| Cosmopolitan

Yesterday it was the ''Cosmo's Mooiste Benen'' -which means something like Cosmos most gorgeous legs- contest, and I attended it! Seeing all those legs makes me want to hide mine even more LOL! How do you like your legs? Tall and lean, or curvaceous and a little bit muscled.. All tastes were catered for at this occasion.
I really wouldn't like to stand in the shoes of the judges this time, such a tough cookie to chose between decades of legs I would kill for ;-) But after a short deliberation, the judges made their decision! And the winner is -drumroll- Anke Jabroer! Congratulations on winning girl ;-)

It's raining legs! | The judges Some famous dutchies actrice Katja Schuurman, judo champion and DJ of the night Dennis van der Geest, Lauren Verster the hostess of the show & last but not least Nikki Plessen  presenter | The winner: Anke Jabroer | A small preview of the outfit I was wearing

I really had a blast! Met some amazing bloggers and dined with them at a 'high-tec' Italian restaurant. It was legen -wait for it, and I hope your not lactose intolerant because the second half of the word is- dary!

Enjoy you weekend love,




Monday, May 16, 2011

Get Inspired| Wolf and I

Every morning of my life starts quite the same: STRESSFUL! Not because I don't know what I want to wear, but simply I because don't owe the items I'd love to wear. After realizing that matter I sort of attack my closet in order to find anything -something- that will work. Not as great as my -so called- ''imaginary'' outfit would have done, but something that will get me trough the day. And to ease the pain of not having all the items I desire to have -and believe me when I say there are A LOT items I crave for- I post the outfit I'd love to wear today. Just as a cold comfort :'(

My song crush of the day: Oh Land - Wolf and I (click to listen)

The belt featured in this ''Get Inspired''-post is a true hype amongst a lot of fashion lovers out there. Curious about  where some amazing fashionista's bought their belt, read the Moschino Belt investigation (here).



p.s.: I've been nominated as one of the top 19 teen bloggers, I'd love it if you would vote for me here VOTE VOTE VOTE ;-)


Friday, May 13, 2011

My Looks| Pastel

Summer has official set foot in Amsterdam, and every now and then even summer scenes occur. Time to pull the summer-clothes out of my closet, at least that's what I thought. Until I came to the conclusion that I don't owe many summer-proof clothes, which means I urgently have to shop! But before I'm able to shop carefree, I have to earn some money asap. I've had a job interview today and I'm now officially a home-caring nurse. JEEEJ! Can't wait to fill up my bank account and -hallelujah- SHOP I'll keep you dearies posted fo sho. That's it for now I guess, enjoy your weekend! Hope you'll be spending it way more exciting than me -jupjup I've got to learn, learn and ehmm learn

Scarf| Made by granny 
Oversized with blouse| Primark
Blazer| Borrowed from my mom
Skirt| H&M
Moroccan camel-leather bag| Souk El Had
Tights| Primark
Shoes| All Stars
Knuckle Ring| H&M
Nail Polish| Silver Cascade by Barry M.

Ph. by Ilse

Have a lovely weekend dearies!




Tuesday, May 10, 2011

J'adore| Inspiration

Hi dearies,
I've got an inspiration post for you! These pictures are all from -one of my favorite blogs- Jak & Jil, and I think they're truly inspiring. Great way to start a new week, right?!

Hope you'll have a lovely week ahead,



P.S.: Thank you all so much for the lovely comments I recieved on my first DIY-post! I'm planning on doing a lot more posts like that ;-) I'm glad you liked it!


Friday, May 6, 2011

DIY #1| The clutch

I've been craving for the Celine clutch since I laid eyes on it. But being the poor student I am, there was no chance in heaven I could easily afford one. Thank God American apparel shortly came with an $50 knock-off. When I showed it to my mom she told me that making one myself was easy and that it would save me lots of money. So I followed her advise and made one!
I took this opportunity to make my first DIY 'magazine', I'm very pleased with the way it turned out. Hope you like it!

Enjoy your weekend doll!