Thursday, March 24, 2011

Get Inspired| Orange Baby

Hi dearies,
Lately I've spotted a lot of bright colored pants! And I must say I love them -A LOT! Therefore I've created an outfit using these remarkable pants, in the color orange! Yes, orange baby!

How do you like this trend?


Sabrina O.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Preview| Zac Posen| Fall 2011

Hi dearies,
I'm a huge fan of Posens work, his latest fall collection impressed me so much. Therefore I want to dedicate this post to this wonderful collection. Here are my ten favorites.
As we can see Posen used a lot of gorgeous fabrics such as velvet and silk. He designed clothes which emphasise the womanly curves. I have got to say that I'm impressed by his choice of models, they are all so divers and stunning! Love it. I must admit that little-nipple-gate outfit is my favorite. But I wouldn't mind having all these stunning dresses hanging in my closet. Would you? 
Sabrina O. 
P.S.: I'm sorry about my lack of posts lately! I really have so much studying to do o_O Argggh my head is going to explode ;-) But I promise to make it all up to you! xx

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Get Inspired| Spring #4

Hi darling,
Spring is less than one week away.. FINALLY! I really can't wait till my exams are over and I can enjoy the lovely weather -yes the weather in Amsterdam is currently awesome- to the fullest. Can't wait! But first I got to kick some exam ass! Oh I totally forgot to mention I managed to get an internship on the section neurosurgery, jeeeej!



Monday, March 14, 2011

Streetstyle| Amsterdam

Hi dear,
Last friday, Ilse and I, did a photo shoot during our break. After we finished a friend of us dropped by looking so stylish..GOSH! We had to make a picture of it. Girls -and guys of course- meet Timor! Sorry he isn't available atm, but isn't he a cutie??!! 

Don't you just love this outfit? Well I sure do!


Sabrina O.

p.s.: Should I make streetstyle pictures more often, as a regular topic on JDLM? Let me know!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

My Looks| Jump Shorty

Hi babe,
Here's a new outfit post! I just bought this lovely playsuit at Primark for only €5,- (that justifies it, right? ;-) Yesterday it was such a lovely springish day, so lovely that I had to make advantage of it and put my freakum playsuit on!
The next two weeks I have to study my butt of -whine, whine- so I could be a little late with responding. Have a lovely weekend dearies, you'll probably know how I'll be spending mine!

Velvet Playsuit| Primark
Tights| H&M
Leopard Bag| Primark
Polka Dotted Wedges| Somewhere in London :P
Three Finger Skull/Snake Ring| Asos
Nail Polish| Silver Cascade by Barry M. (my current favorite)

What are your plans for this weekend?


Sabrina O.
photos. Ilse

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Streetstyle| Berlin

Hi doll,
It's been a while! After Amsterdam, Paris, Stockholm & London it's now Berlin's turn to show us his pride and glory on fashion area. When I think of Berlin first things comes to mind is Bockwurst and of course the Berlin wall and the history around it. But let's see what Berlin has to offer on base of fashion.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Get Inspired| Long Line Of Pain

Amos Lee - Long Line Of Pain

Dearies, spring is -officially- only a few days away! Wow, time does moves fast.. Oh I've so much to do this month Gosh, preparing so many school related things like a few presentations and arrange my internship in june. My driving test is also coming way way to close :s Can't wait till all these things are over -including my school examinations. And then, it's time for spring break! Yeahhh I really can't wait, for it! My plans? Doing nothing that costs energy, absolutely nothing.. Hmm.. Can't wait, only thinking about it makes me smile! What are your plans for spring break?


Sabrina O.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

My Looks| Braided

Hi darling,
How big is the chance that an awesome fellow blogger does the same study as you do, goes to the same university as you go to, all this in the same year as you do? And on top of that happens to be a friend of yours! A little shout-out to Ilse. In the hours between college we always seem to manage to make time for a little ''photo shoot'' -although that brings a lot of awkward moments with . This was the outfit I wore to school on friday! During the shooting -and before and after- I had a blast with my amazing friends Zaar, Ilse & Sed. Thank you girls, just for being you 


Striped Top| Only
Linen Blazer| Primark
Cane Bag| Selfridges
Acid Washed Jeans| Attitude Holland
Knitted Socks| Stolen from my dad
Gladiator Heels| Nine West
Necklace| Fashionology
Ring| H&M
Pearl Earrings| Primark
Nailpolish| Hema

Wow! Such a huge list.. Seeing it lined like this it seems like an awful lot LOL


Sabrina O.

Friday, March 4, 2011

J'adore| Doc Martens

Hi sweethearts,
I developed a huge crush over the past couple of months. A really really big one if you'd ask me. I think I am falling for dr. Martens. I'm talking about the shoes, not some cute doctor I bumped into at school (unfortunately :P). 
Doc Martens are availible in all kind of colors and shapes. But one in particular caught my eye: the Avery boot

& Now the Avery boot I'm longing for, I'm ordering these at the end of this month jeeeej ;-)

These are made of velvet, which softens them a little and give them a perfect feminine touch I adore. A few weeks ago I saw them on Andy's blog Stylescrapbook, love at first sight! What do you think about doc Martens in general?


Sabrina O.

p.s.: I really had a blast at the Monki event yesterday, it was awesome to met so many awesome bloggers and other stylish people! But it was so crowded, not normal. All in all I had an amazing time with my friends. Loved it!

sources: weheartit & stylescrapbook

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Get Inspired| Elvis

Elvis by These New Puritans  

Today my eye fell on these gorge suede shorts! I really think these are gorgeous.. Fingers crossed that I'll find myself one -a little- more affordable.

Tonight I'm going to the Monki event, don't know if you ever heard of that brand, but I'll keep you dearies posted!


Sabrina O.