Monday, February 28, 2011

Preview| Badgley Mischka

Hi darling,
Today's post is a preview of the spring/summer collection of Bagley Mischka. Bagley Mischka is American fashion label designed by Mark Badgley and James Mischka. The two launched this label in 1988. Behold their s/s 2011 collection.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Get Inspired| A Little Bit More

Jamie Lidell - A Little Bit More

This weekend I must lock myself up in my room and do nothing bĂșt study. Oh em gee I've got so much to do but so little time to actually do it! Hate those moments of my life, but a girl's got to do what a girl's got to do, right?
What are your plans for this weekend -I hope they are a little bit more exciting than mine? Anyhow, hope you'll have an lovely weekend!


Sabrina O.
p.s.: I got featured on LOOK 10! Jeeeeej!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

My Life| Prom

Hi darling,
Yesterday I went to my first university prom. I really had a blast -not just only because I adore men in suits- but there were a lot of cool people, great bands and DJs. Here are some pictures of that night which I'd love to share with you!
But first ''the outfit'' (I wasn't able to shot any useful outfit pics due to the lack of light):
Le dress
Asos Chiffon Sleeve Lace Body Con Dress
Le shoes & earrings

Les pictures

Push the click to read more button to see more pictures

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Looks| And The Winner Is...

Hi dearies, 
This is the outfit I wore last saturday! Don't you just love my new leather skirt, well I do ;-)! Oe I really love everything leather actually, leather skirts, tops, pants and of course skirts.. I totally forgot to post it when I bought it about two weeks ago, but I'm really attached to this skirt. As a matter of fact I'm appointing it as my favorite garment of this month!

Leather Skirt| Monki
Tights| Primark
Necklace| Dappermarket
Shoes| All Stars

Now I want to announce the winner of the giveaway! First of all I have to say thanks to all the participants. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Too bad I only bought one ring because I really felt like giving you all one -I really would do that if I weren't going through a little financial crisis at the moment-. So the winner is: Aniek from My Fashion Notebook! Congratulations darling, I'll send you an email!


Sabrina O.
p.s.: I'm planning on doing another giveaway -because I love to give things away- pretty soon, so stay tuned!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Get Inspired| Spring #3

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I really can't wait for spring! But the weather in Amsterdam is lately pretty spring'ish! Not that spring-a-like to wear an outfit like this though!
Yeaaaah, this is an outfit I really would love to wear at the moment, if the weather only would allow me!


Sabrina O.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

My Looks| Dam Square

Hi lovely,
After school a couple of friends and I decided to go to the city to buy a prom outfit for my friend. We kept a mini-photoshoot on Dam square (I guess the most famous square of Amsterdam). This is the outfit I wore yesterday!
Bag| Vintage
Cardigan| Monki
Galaxy Shirt| Bershka
Acid Washed Jeans| Attitude Holland
Shoes| All Stars (black and low, not shown)

It's really basic, which I like at times (especially when I go shopping)! And I really felt as if I was a tourist in my own city, something that was strange yet fun at the same time.


Sabrina O.
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Friday, February 18, 2011

J'adore| Jewelry

Hi darling,
In case you haven't noticed it yet -I just have to admit that- I'm a huge jewelry lover! So I'd love to share some of the jewelry which currently are on my wish list with you! 

A draped 'armor' body- or shoulder -chain

A pinky nail ring

Lots and lots of pretty silver rings, can't get enough of these true  

I wish I could afford all of these pieces, but being the poor student I am that probably won't happen any time soon. It seems that I want so much, but I've got so little money to spend (I think a syndrome that a lot of you might experience). Hmmm I guess it keeps me sharp for great offers and hunting for sales! I'll let you know as soon as I'm able to buy one of these items, so definitely a 'to be continued'. Until then gazing will do;-) 
How do you like these jewelry pieces?


Sabrina O. 
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Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Looks| Animalistic

Yesterday it was such a beautiful day -it really felt like it was spring already. So my friends and I decided to make a few pictures after college.
It was so much fun I haven't laughed like that in a while, today my abdominal muscles seriously ache. But it was definitely worth it. Here are a couple of the results.

Zahra, Me & Angie
Me, Angie & Ilse

Belted dress| Bershka
Cardigan| Primark
Ring| Enter my giveaway and win one just like it, click here 
Fringe Leather Bag| Vintage
Tights| Primark
Wedges| Monki


Sabrina O.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mes Marques| Marc by Marc Jacobs

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A lot of big designers have a sub-line, a line that's less expensive than the main line. Like T by Alexander Wang, Marc by Marc Jacobs and Sonia by Sonia Rykiel. These lines make it able for people like me to walk around in designer stuff without going bankrupt.
I'd love to highlight those lines in the following ''Mes Marques''-posts. This is the second post, wherein Marc by Marc Jacobs will be featured.
'Zebra Printed Trifold Clutch' - $180

'Dee Dee Sequined Wool Bolero' - $500

'Zelda Double Breasted Wool Feld Coat' - $570
'Dessert Olive Leather Tote' - €580
'Tangramarama Anna Clutch' - $328

'Peep-toe Lace-Up Ankle Boots' - $395

'Pandora Mohair-Blend Sweater Dress' - $270
'Henry Watch Rose Golden' - $225

I really love the Marc by Marc Jacobs line. It contains a lot of gorgeous designs for a pretty affordable price -when you keep in mind it's designer clothing- Love it.. What do you think of the Marc by Marc Jacobs line? Would you wear these garments?


Sabrina O.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Get Inspired| Briefcase Bag

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| Isabel Marant|| €335
Brogue Shoes|| £105
Briefcase Bag|| €53
Classic Skinny Jeans|| €260

Crystal Bow Headband|| €28

I'm so in love with this Asos briefcase bag.. Isn't it stunning? Oh, last week I received my new phone -which means- I'm now officially a non-Blackberry user. I must admit it's so weird to don't have my dear buddy mr. Berry in my hand, and I swear people thought it was actually glued to my hand. We really were that inseparable. But now the time has come to say Adieu to my mate who stood by me the past year, and welcome a new beauty to my heart: my new HTC Desire HD


Sabrina O.

p.s.: Have a lovely Valentine's day! Do you have anything special planned for today?

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Giveaway| Rhinestone Snake Ring

I really was planning on giving you dearies something in return for following me and giving me such great comments on all of my posts! It really makes blogging more fun for me and I feel appreciated for the work I put into this blog. It makes me more dedicated to blogging each and every day.
I was planning on doing a giveaway for quite a while, but I didn't know when my blog was ready for it.
And I think now that moment has occur! I also haven't had a clue whatsoever about what I'd love to give away, until I found this beauty screaming my name. When I held it in my hand I thought: 'yes this might be something for a give away, it sure is something I'd love to have'. So I took that as a standard and I bought two, one for me and -drumroll- one for YOU!

What to do?
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My deepest gratitude to you for following me. Giveaway runs until 2011/02/21 I will announce the winner the day after, good luck darling!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Hi darling,
This will be my latest AIFW post for you, boohoo. Thank God there will be a new edition only six (!) months from now. I couldn't attend this show but my my friend did and she handed me all the pretty pictures she took! Jeeeeej! Watch and enjoy some of the pictures of this spectacle. 
This awesome show ended with fireworks! I really like the fabrics the designer of Supertrash -Gulsen Olcay- used for this collection.


Sabrina O.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hi darling,
Here's another fashion week post, this was one of the biggest shows I attended: Velour. It's a fashionable Swedish brand which just set foot in Holland. Velour manufactures so called 'feelgood preppy' clothes, for both male and female.
I really enjoyed this trendy show, with lots of stylish people and gorgeous garments. Here some pictures of this show.

There are a lot of sailor influences in this collection of Velour like those funny headgears.  not quite sure wether I like them or not, but they sure make a statement! I really enjoyed attending this show, how do you like these garments?


Sabrina O.

p.s.: Yeaaaaaaah I got now over 250 followers!! I'm so grateful for this, thank you so much for following JDLM and I promise to -drumroll- do a giveaway pretty soon. I'm not quite sure what I should give away yet.. Any ideas?
p.s.s.: If you would like to see the male collection of Velour press the see more button!