Friday, December 30, 2011

I hope you had a lovely Christmas! Mine was pretty awesome, my parents surprised me with a huge bottle of Lolita Lempicka perfume: my all time favorite scent. They also gave me money for my trip to India this summer, I couldn't be more happier. The days between Christmas and New Year's eve I will fill up working.

Last year around this time I made this list of goals and wishes, so let's see if I reached them all (I'm afraid I haven't haha):
1. Passing all my school exams 
2. Having lots of fun with my friends and family 
3. Get my driver's license ☑ // jup after 4 (!) time of trying and lots of sweat and tears, this year I'm finally the lucky owner of a driver's licence 
4. Buying a Canon camera, a good one. This was on my wish-list for quite a while, in 2011 I hope to finally buy one ☑ // I decided to buy the Nikon D3100: "best purchase ever
5. Going to Scandinavia!  ☒ // nope, unfortunately I didn't had enough time/money for a trip to Northern Europe
6. Find the perfect pair of jeans (when that happens I'll probably buy a dozen pairs)  ☒ // And the searching continues..
7. Learn how to sew ☑ // yeah, my mom learned me the basics of sewing this summer.
8. Getting at least 100 followers ☑ // well that one turned out very well, thank you so much for following and reading my blog!
And this year I would love to add a few things to the list:
1. Donating blood
2. Experiencing India to it's fullest
3. Continuing with having fun with my friends and family and with passing all of my exams
I want to wish you a happy New Year. Let's rock 2012, cheers 

ph. by mom

Leather Jacket Unknown
Jumper Primark
Galaxy Shirt Bershka
High Waisted Jeans H&M
Statement Necklace H&M
Military Boots eBay


  1. I'm so proud of you, you've achieved the most important goals!! It's my luck that I happen to check out your blog, just right after you posted this..
    And that jacket you're wearing, is amazing, happen to have great memories of us buying it, I still get compliments of mine (a)
    As you know, I LOVE your curls (and curves too).. So rock it like this and I promise I'll come visit you, before you know it..
    We may be apart from each other, but always in each others heart, we'll be rocking 2012!!
    I love you (L)

  2. Goed van je dat je heel veel dingen heb behaald! En mooie foto's! Happy 2012!

  3. you look great!!!

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  5. Wauw, ik vind het echt indrukwekkend dat je er zoveel waar hebt gemaakt!
    Super tof :)
    Je ziet er ook weer te gek uit, al die volgers heb je niet voor niets hoor hihi ;)
    En natuurlijk een fijne jaarwisseling, en happy new year!!

  6. LOve those shoes! Leuke post!!


    xx from the Netherlands
    Twitter: @Mouniaaa20

  7. great look!!!! i adore your resolutions!!!!

    i hope you are having the most amazing holidays ever!!!!!

  8. very beautiful your necklace.

  9. Congrats on accomplishing so much this year! I am definitely thinking about making a list of goals to complete in 2012. I love that you don't give up on your goals either. I am loving the necklace and boots by the way. Hope you have a great new year!

    Sarah Jane R.

  10. I love your list, Im thinking about making one myself.
    Also like your outfit!

  11. Wat grappig met die lijst, jammer dat je niet alles af hebt. Heb je ook een nieuwe lijst voor volgend jaar? x

  12. I love this outfit!
    .. And your beautiful smile :-)


  13. Mooie foto's van je meid & love je jacket! xx

  14. Wat leuk dat je in de zomer waarschijnlijk naar India gaat! Hopelijk de rest van je voornemens zit jaar uit, alvast gelukkig nieuwjaar.
    btw, ik vind je ketting heel mooi.

    liefs Mireille

  15. Leuke outfit!
    Mijn voornemen is ook een goede camera, De nikon bevalt je goed. Ik ga er in Januari 1 halen

    Alvast een gelukkig nieuw jaar


  16. Mooie ketting & leuke foto's!


  17. Mooie outfit! En ik hoop dat het allemaal goed gaat komen met je voornemens. :) X

  18. I think I'm going to add donating blood to my to-do list too, it's such a noble thing to do. Happy new year!

  19. Beautiful actions to star the new year! I wish you the best, and I know I'll be here reading your beautiful words! Best kisses for you and a happy new year! Kisses

  20. Mooie outfit en ik hoop dat je je voornemens 'volbrengt' :-)

    With love, Cindy

  21. You look gorgeous! Happy NY!

    Xoxo Whitney

  22. I simply adore this look! You look fantastic, glad to hear you got to tick so many things off your list :)

    -LAURA xx

  23. happy happy 2012 sabrina:)! on to a even more awesome year! woo. Have a happy week X

  24. your blog is so amazing ! now following you ,hope you can follow me back if you like (:


  25. Leuke outfit zeg! Staat je echt goed:)

  26. Oh en trouwens, wat super vet dat je deze zomer naar India gaat!!! Ik ben net terug uit India en het is echt fantastisch mooi. Weet je al welke steden je gaat bezoeken?

  27. leuke outfit heel mooi jasje

    Gelukkig nieuwjaar


  28. Lovely outfit! Congrats on achieving most of the goals on your list!

    Thanks for visiting my blog :)

  29. Lovely!! :)
    Happy New Years darling!
    Love that necklace!


  30. You are absolutely gorgeous! This is such a lovely outfit.
    I recently donated blood and found that it was an extremely rewarding experience. Hope you have a lovely 2012 :)

  31. Your hair is amazing! I'm in love with them :D haha
    And those shoes in previous post are just to die for.

    Thanks for your nice comment. (:
    xx Brigita

  32. super outfit! Ik wou dat het in mijn kastje hing hihi
    xo kimberley |

  33. The necklace is awesome!

  34. loving the galaxy shirt you look divine sweetie