Friday, January 14, 2011

Preview| Spijkers&Spijkers

Hi darling,
Today a preview of one of my favorite dutch designers: Spijkers&]Spijkers! Spijker&Spijkers is a brand founded by the two sisters Truus and Riet Spijkers. Here is a preview of their latest spring/summer collection 2011. 
They used a lot of -one of my favorite fabrics- lace in this collection. Also you see lots of strong solid fabrics used with colorful and playful flower-prints, a interesting idea which worked out amazing in my opinion. What made it very wearable. Enjoy!

What do you think about Spijkers & Spijkers and their new collection?
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  1. Hey Sabrina! i am a new follower of your blog which i find very interesting and easy to read! i really like that you show us ways to dress up and new designers i never ever heard of spijkers and spijkers but i now think that they have really unique designs since the way the mix and match different fabrics,materials and colors is really unique!
    marianna of
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  2. Love those floral prints, so pretty! XOXO

  3. The white lace jumpsuit is so chic...hmmm...wondering if I could pull that off...probably not, but I can dream of it anyway :).


  4. oooh i am loving all the crazy prints that are out!


  5. Really nice collection!I find it really inspirational :)

  6. I like the collection. The use of basic colors like black and white that are then incorporated with the orange, tan, olive green. It's nice! :)

  7. Love the casual minimal feel to their work!

  8. thanks for sharing i have never heard of this designer before until now!

    F. ( x

  9. Beautiful floral prints that look so lovely with the lace, I haven't seen much of this label so thank you for opening my eyes to it!


  10. : ) thanks meis jij ook fijn weekend.

    clean? me blog of de collectie?

  11. ghaha ooh ja ik zit de hele middag al me layout aan te passen met in me hoofd het moet clear n simple haha dus vandaar.

    maar idd, ben gek op deze collectie ook hoor! zo zie ik de man graag in summer.

  12. wow, thanks for introducing this designer! All the pieces are absolutely fantastic, completely in love with every one! xx

  13. omg i just did an interview with these designers