Sunday, January 23, 2011


In a few days the day has finally come; the start of Amsterdam International Fashion Week! I laid my hands on a few tickets for this years fashion week.. So I can't wait for it to start! The shows I'm visiting are:
- Roya Hesam en ZEM by Samira Algoe*
- Creme Fresh by Lotte van KeulenElise Kim & Ellis Biemans
- Velour 
Elsien Gringhuis


Amsterdam International Fashion Week (AIFW) started in 2004 as an initiative to put Amsterdam on the map as a sparkling and internationally oriented destination for Fashion. Twice a year, Fashion Week forms the centre-point of the Dutch fashion world, with a full schedule of catwalk shows, trade fairs, presentations, lectures and parties.
The show programme is on invitation and for professionals only. AIFW takes place at the former Gas Factories in Amsterdam's ‘Westergas' area. Young and established designers show their collections on the Amsterdam catwalk. With the growing interest in ‘Dutch Design', Amsterdam International Fashion Week attracts a growing audience of directional international brands, buyers and press.  
Answering to immense popular demand, Fashion Week DOWNTOWN consists of numerous public catwalk shows, parties, shop launches, lectures and expositions, all organized in collaboration with local museums, galleries, clubs and shops.
Focusing on Amsterdam's reputation as an inspiring city, the AIFW programme combines commerce with creativity. Our city has a lot to offer: a growing pool of talent, an inspiring place to visit and a vibrant place to do business.
I promise you darling to make a big report of these shows for you!
Sabrina O.

* Unfortunately I can't go to the Roya Hesam en ZEM by Samira Algoe show, because I have a major test on school at the same time, but my lovely friend Ilse is going instead! 


  1. Congratulations Sabrina.
    I hope you'l enjoy it.

  2. Wow!Thanks and looking forward to it XOXO

  3. no I didn't take the pictures myself. I have the link to the site there.
    great blog btw and thanks for the comment (:

  4. Amsterdam is having Fashion Week too? That's so exciting :) Nashville TN is having one this year and I can't wait to go. I'm not sure if you have any idea where that is though lol.

    I followed your blog. It's pretty dope. Make sure you stop by Alee's Perspective!

  5. wow, that's so cool! I'm really excited, Amsterdam is a great city


  6. leuk dat je gaat:) laat ons weten hoe het was;)

  7. great:)
    you have a really nice blog.
    greets from germany

  8. ooohh ben echt benieuwd hoe je t vind en wat voor foto's eruit komen.
    geniet er nog even van meis!
    dikke kus