Friday, December 10, 2010

My Looks| Uggs

In my post from a few days ago I mixed and matched an outfit with UGG Australian Birch boots. The longer I looked at them, the more I fell in love.. So I decided to buy them!! I know I must stop buying shoes, but you can't have enough shoes right?! And especially with the amount of snow that fell this week, I need some shoes that keep my feet dry and warm in a proper way. (Oke now I'm just making excuses up for buying shoes :P) Almost everybody has an opinion about UGG's, but I like them. I don't think they're pretty, but they sure have some kind of spunk. Not all of them, some of them. But mine, of course, the most ;-)                     (in my opinion of course)


Sabrina O.

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  1. I like Uggs too! Yours are nice!

    Cute blog, btw.