Friday, December 31, 2010

My Life| The Final Countdown...

Hi darling,
In a few hours it's already New Years Eve, which means that 2011 is only one day away.. Oh 2010 really flew by in my opinion.. It really was one hell of an exciting and also exhausting year for me.. But I'm still alive and kicking, hoping for an even better 2011.. With lots of love, health and happiness..
It's really an habit of mine to make a list of goals and wishes for new year.. I'd love to share them with you..
#1: Passing all my school exams.
#2: Having lots of fun with my friends and family (and I wish them all a great health and lots of happiness).
#3: Get my driver license! Hope I'll have that one asap.
#4: Buying a Canon cam, a good one.. This was on my wish-list for quite a while, in 2011 I hope to finally buy one.
#5: Going to Scandinavia! I'd love to visit Denmark or Norway, hope that will happen next year.
#6: Find the perfect pair of jeans (when that happens I'll probably buy a dozen of pairs :p)
#7: Learn how to sew 
#8: Getting at least 100 followers
I hope that 2011 will be my year.. I wish you all a happy new year, with lost of health, happiness and fun!
Next year around this period I will match my expectations up to reality, hope I made all my wishes come true.. In a few hours NYE! Hope you'll have a blast sweetheart and we're gonna rock 2011!

Let me know what your wishes/hopes/expectations are!


Sabrina O.


  1. I really like your goals! Is that a twin lens reflex camera your talking about?

  2. Fatastic goals! You'll be to 100 followers soon. Wahoo!

    Happy New Year,


  3. Great!
    Happy New Years! Come Enter my contest for a free New Year Russian Fortune Reading XOXO

  4. I Hope you achieve your hopes, dreams and aspirations for 2011. Have a fantastic new years. x



  5. psh 100 followers will be easy! shoot for 200! your blog is adorable!

  6. nice goals. happy new year nog! xoxo

  7. happy 2011!
    Elle :)

  8. Wish all your goals, dreams & passions come true! I wish us all good love, passion, health, succes&happiness !

    Let's rock 2011 baby. Maby some distance apart, but always close in the heart <3