Sunday, December 5, 2010

My Life: The Day...| I Went To I Blame Coco

Listen To Ceasar By I Blame Coco ft. Robyn

I Blame Coco, 29 November 2010, Melkweg, Amsterdam
Last monday a couple of friends and I went to the concert of I Blame Coco. The 20-year-old British Coco Summer, daughter of Sting, is the lead singer of this band.
The concert was in one word: 'psychedelic'. I absolutely had a great time and so did my friends. Too bad it only lasted approximately one hour. But one thing I know fo sho, next time I Blame Coco performs in Amsterdam you can definitely count me in!
Sabrina O.


  1. Hell yeah, that was awesome girl! You can rock it (: Coco was so tiny in real life, don't you agree? She was freakin' awesome though! I love her songs!
    You're right about the short length of the concert, I would've loved it if they doubled the time!

    xx Zaar

  2. Amen to that girl! Time flew by, it felt!
    Had an awesome time with you angels, we really must go to a concert any time soon, don't you agree? Tried to post Ceasar but that didn't worked out, please remember me to ask Ilse friday!