Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My Life: The Day...| I Bought A Christmas Tree

It's already December folks. And 2010 is ended in only 23 days. Wow! Is it just me, or did 2010 flew by? And it sure was a beautiful year for me.

2010 in a couple of words (and Lord knows I try to keep it as brief as possible): finished high school, got accepted to Med School at the University of Amsterdam and a whole lot of new experiences, friends and insights.

But 2010 hasn't finished yet, it's December aka Party Month. With a lot of birthdays on the calendar and  Christmas and New Year. Oh man I love Christmas, and I get that whole Christmas vibe as soon as I hear Mariah song 'All I Want For Christmas' playing on the radio. But that Christmas feeling I cherish is being amplified as soon as the Christmas Tree is being set up in the living room. Only the sight of it makes me happy. Look at the one I just bought and decorated.

Ici: le arbre Noël 

A few of my favorite ornaments up close.
Shiny and sparkly, me like
Especially this one has great sentimental 
value to me. This one belongs to my late 
dad, and every time I put it in the tree I 
have the feeling that my dad is somehow
near me during the holidays.


Sabrina O.


  1. Well done!! I think you're talented!

  2. May he rest in peace. May God bless you & your belovered ones. Iloveyou x

  3. Thanks a lot!! That's so sweet of you..
    May God bless you sweetheart!!

  4. Je bedoelt niet "shiny and like"..
    Je bedoelt "shiny and me" :$